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Quotation1 Your Majesty, you are our guiding light! If you are not here for us, we will be lost in the darkness! Quotation2
Colt, talking to the Chimera Ant Queen
Colt main




Manga Debut

Chapter 188

Anime Debut

Episode 77 (2011)

Japanese Voice

Hirofumi Nojima




Chimera Ant


Chimera Ant Queen (Creator)
Shidore (Reincarnation of his sister Reina)
Haruna (Mother)
Kurt (Past self)



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Colt (コルト, Koruto) is a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader. His human name was Kurt.


Colt has angel-like wings on his back and bird-like claws for feet. His facial features and hair resemble a human's, more so than the other male Chimera Ants.


Kurt and Reina attacked

Kurt and his sister, Reina, getting attacked

Colt's loyalty and desire to protect is a trait inherited from the first human eaten by the Queen, a young boy named Kurt trying to protect his sister Reina (Spanish word for "Queen"). Colt was partly born of the boy's genetic material, and had residual memories of Reina, even mentioning her name without realizing it.[1]


Chimera Ant arc

Colt surrenders

Colt surrenders to Knov and Morel

Colt was the first Chimera Ant that was born after the Queen was able to eat a human. Throughout his appearances, Colt projects a very strict and formal attitude. Colt is seen pressurizing other squadron leaders into becoming better organized, and is also seen monitoring the work of the others. He is extremely devoted both to the Queen and his work, and was the only Squadron Leader that always gave all the humans he killed to the Queen as food.[2] When the Queen was grievously injured as a result of the King's birth, Colt was the Ant that decided to surrender.[3] He contacted the Hunters in order to secure medical attention for her[4] and even offered his own organs to save her life[5].

After the Queen's death he cursed his inability to protect her and Reina, but soon

Colt raising the Young Chimera Ant

noticed a tiny infant, no larger than a finger, among the Queen's remains and vowed to protect and raise it. Following this emotional scene, a tearful Morel declared he himself would protect Colt and his ward from harm if they could learn not to eat humans.[6]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

After the events of East Gorteau, Colt is seen talking to Morel on the phone giving an update on the young Chimera ant and finds it strange that she demands to be called Kite. Morel is shocked as well.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the 2011 version, it was confirmed that he was the first Chimera Ant to be born by the Queen having human traits. In the manga, it was never stated and Colt is first seen leading his squad on a food-gathering attack on a human farming settlement.


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