The Dark continent... is a continent of dreams !
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Dark Continent

Dark Continent



Ankoku Tairiku

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Chapter 338

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Episode 148 (2011)

The Dark Continent (暗黒大陸, Ankoku Tairiku) is the world that doesn't appear on the world map. Other types of human beings live there. It is also said that it's where the Magical Beasts come from.[1] The known world where normal humans live is inside a great lake called Mobius in the Dark Continent. In reality, the ancestors of the human race have apparently originated in the Dark Continent, as the deciphering of myths and the study of ancient ruins seem to testify.[2]


It is written on ancient artifacts that every time humanity had tried to go there, a disaster occurred. An agreement established by the V5 to never go there was made 200 years ago.[2]

Over the past few years, there were 149 attempted voyages to the Dark Continent which were recorded. Out of all the people who participated in these voyages, only 28 people from 5 voyages returned. However, the only officially survivors who remained alive until now are Beyond Netero and Linne Hors-d'oeuvre. The five successful voyages were all voyages that were not sanctioned by the V5 are therefore known as unofficial voyages with the help of "guides", that are said to be a beastly humanoid race. Without them, it would be impossible for humans to get past the world's ocean borders.[3]

All the 28 survivors had great physical strength and amazing luck. Only 3 of them managed to clear all the post testing and return to their daily lives. This means that the rate of survival in the Dark Continent is merely 0.04%.[3]

At the end of each of the five successful voyages, as a collateral damage, humanity brought back five great calamities: the weapon Brion, the gas life-form Ai, the two-tailed snake Hellbell, the human feeding beast Pap, and the immortal sickness Zobae Disease.[4] Ging has revealed that a person by the name of Don Freecss had traveled the Dark Continent alone for about 300 years ago, and is the author of the traveler's guide.[5]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

The Dark Continent was introduced when Ging talks to Gon about someday wanting to explore it. Soon after that the king of Kakin, Nasubi Hui Guo Rou, finances an expedition to explore it, in which Beyond Netero is the leader of a group of specialists who are interested in journeying into the Dark Continent.[2] While King Nasubi states that he is carrying humanity's dreams with him, in reality, King Nasubi wants to host his children's succession war there.[6]


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