Don Freecss​ (ドン=フリークス, Don Furīkusu) is the supposed author of Journey to the New World, a traveler's journal about the Dark Continent.[1]


Over 300 years ago, Don traveled to the Dark Continent. There he wrote a traveler's journal consisting of two volumes: "East" and "West." While the "East" edition is in the hands of V6, the "West" edition has yet to be found. According to Ging, it's because Don is still alive and is working on writing it.[1]

Ging said it was one of 3 possibilities that he could think of. It is not confirmed if Don is still alive.[1]


  • Don Freecss shares his surname with Ging and Gon Freecss. It is currently unconfirmed if they are related.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic دون فريكس


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