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East Gorteau Nen Using Soldier

East Gorteau Nen-using Soldier
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Chapter 216

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Episode 93 (2011)


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Republic of East Gorteau Soldier



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The East Gorteau Nen-using Soldier was a soldier stationed at the East Gorteau Palace, and was capable of using Nen.[1]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Upon the arrival of Meruem and his Royal Guards invading the Royal Palace of East Gorteau, they're confronted by a Nen using soldier. The soldier speculates the ants are militants from an enemy country and threatens to kill them. Unamused Meruem by the soldier's taunt, he grows ravenous as Neferpitou advises him to focus his eyes. Though Meruem already knows the soldier is a "rare prey" due to the clear display of the latter's Ren.[1] After Meruem kills the soldier, he proceeds to consume his remains and his power grows.[2]

Abilities & Powers Edit

Little is known about the East Gorteau Nen-using Soldier's capabilities, but he seems to be confident about his combat skills, as he confronts enemies bare-handed. He is also shown to be able to use Nen.

Nen Edit

It is unknown when and how he learned Nen, as well as how much mastery he possesses, but he is shown to be at least capable of utilizing Ren.


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