Elliminate (G.I card)
Card Info
Type Game Master

Names Eliminate


Number #-003
Rank N/A
Transform N/A
Class 1 Long Range
Class 2 Special
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Eliminate (エリミネイト, Eliminēto) is a Game Master spell card found in the Greed Island game. It allows the caster to remove any unauthorized objects or people from the island and send them to a random location on the Azian continent.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Game Master Card G.I Master Card



Number: #-003
Rank: N/A
Transform: N/A
Class: Long Range ¦ Special Spell G.I Spell - LongRangeG.I Spell - Special
Card Effect: Allows caster to Transport any elements that illegally enter Greed Island to a random location of the Azian continent
How to Obtain: Only obtainable by a Game Master


This is a "Ruler Only" card, designed to be used by the Game Masters. This card is designed to get rid of anything that is not part of the game. Typically, this card is used by Razor to transport people who illegally came to Greed Island.

Card DescriptionEdit

No.-003 - エリミネイト

No.-003 - Eliminate

Card FormsEdit

Elliminate (G.I card)


  • Razor used this card to 'eliminate' the Phantom Troupe members who illegally boarded the island.
  • The card's number seems to hint at the existence of other cards available only to Game Masters.