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2011 | 1999 | Manga






Japanese Voice

Mina Shimizu (1999)
Miho Arakawa (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 67

Anime Debut

Episode 48 (1999)
Episode 41 (2011)


Female Female

Eye Color

Brown (1999)
Purple (2011)

Hair Color

Brown (1999)
Purple (2011)


Neon's Attendant


Squala (Lover)

Image Gallery

Eliza (エリザ, Eriza) is one of Neon Nostrade's personal attendants.[1] She was in a romantic relationship with Squala, a member of Neon's longtime bodyguards, until he was killed by the Phantom Troupe member, Nobunaga.[2]


Eliza 2011 Design

Eliza 2011 Design

Eliza is a woman who always seen wearing a dark kimono and has long, wavy, violet hair and purple eyes. She's almost always seen following and accompanying Neon.[1]


Eliza is a very calm and patient person. Though she does become slightly agitated at Neon, she does seem to care for her.


Yorknew City arc

Eliza, along with another unnamed attendant stand beside Dalzollene, who screened the potential bodyguards.[3] When Kurapika, Melody, Baise, and Basho all collected the necessary items to be qualified to become Neon's Bodyguards. She and along with the other maid take away the items.[4] On the night of September 1st Eliza plays a card game with Neon.[1] After Neon's temper tantrum, Eliza and the another attendant, clean up a mess Neon left behind.[5] When news is heard that the items to the Underground Auction have been stolen by some unknown assailants. Squala orders Eliza and the other attendant to stay behind with Neon and let no one try and get to her.[6]

Eliza and the other attendant, along with Melody and Basho assist Neon with her shopping spree. When the group takes a break from the spree Neon uses the restroom and after taking too long, Eliza goes in after her only find out that she had gone missing.[7] After the events of the Underground Auction occurred Eliza along with Neon, Basho, Melody, and the other attendant all go shopping again, while Squala and his dogs protect the Scarlet Eyes, back at the Hotel Beitacle.[8] Hearing the news of Squala's death, Eliza has a nervous breakdown. This causes Neon to feel moved by Eliza's loss so much she immediately wanted to leave Yorknew City without any care for any of the other items up for the auction.[9]


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