Kurapika Scarlet Eyes 2011
Beware × Of × Prisoners



Shūjin × ni × Goyōjin

Japan Air Date

November 27th, 2011

English Air Date

June 11th, 2016, June 18th, 2016

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Hunter Exam arc

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Ending Song

Just Awake

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Beware × Of × Prisoners (シュウジン×ニ×ゴヨウジン, Shūjin × ni × Goyōjin) is the 9th episode of the Hunter × Hunter 2011 series. It first aired in November 27th, 2011.


Gon faces off against Sedokan and Majitani faces off against Kurapika who reveals a startling and scary secret.


Tonpa promptly gives up even before Bendot lands a punch on him. Leorio is furious at what he has done, but Tonpa tells them that his real plan is to sabotage rookies like them. Gon then faces Sedokan, who proposes a match to see whose candle burns the longest. Gon chooses the longer candle, unaware that it is oil-soaked, and his candle starts to burn faster midway. Seeing that his candle is not susceptible to strong winds, he puts it down and sprints towards Sedokan to blow his candle out.

The next match is between Kurapika and Majitani, who proposes a death match without weapons and with the condition that one must die or surrender to finish the match. Majitani, who relies on scaring and intimidating his enemies to make them surrender, gloats about how many people he's killed and even keeps multiple heart tattoos numbering them. Kurapika notices a spider tattoo on Majitani's back and his eyes become Scarlet. He easily defeats him with a devastating punch, knocking him out, but not killing him. The group becomes frightened by Kurapika's outburst and the others try to figure out if Kurapika has a thing with spiders. He sits in the corner alone while the prisoners think of their next strategy.

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