Floor Masters (フロアマスター, Furoa Masutā) are 21 elite fighters in Heaven's Arena.[1] The only known canon Floor Masters are Chrollo Lucilfer[2] and Hisoka Morow.[3]


Floor Masters are the 21 highest ranked competitors in Heaven's Arena. They have that title because they're given their own floor between the 230th and 250th floors.[1]


In order to become a Floor Master, one must first win 10 matches on the 200th floor of the celestial tower, and must not lose 4 matches. Then they must challenge a Floor Master to take his or her floor.[1]


Being a Floor Master means having one's own floor. A Floor Master can also participate in Battle Olympia, a biennial tournament where the victor is allowed to live on the 251st floor in an exclusive penthouse.[1]

Non-Canon Floor MastersEdit



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