Game Masters are the creators of Greed Island. Ging Freecss is the lead Game Master. GREED ISLAND is an acronym of the first letter of each game master's name.[1] They are responsible for the game's operations and act as its rule enforcers.

Known Game MastersEdit

There are a total of 11 Game Masters, but only 6 have been revealed so far.

G.I. Game Masters
Eeta Portrait

Trivia Edit

  • Ickshonpe Katocha is speculated to stand for the "I" in the acronym due to the Spell Card Shop in Masadora bearing his mask's likeness and the number "6" on his shirt, which corresponds to the "I" in "Greed Island", on top of his expert computer skills as a Hacker Hunter, but his involvement in the game remains to be confirmed.
  • Eta is the girl who teaches everyone about the game and Elena is the girl who talks to people leaving the game.


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