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Corby Proctor (1999)
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Chapter 48

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Episode 39 (1999)
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Gido (ギド, Gido) is one of the three fighters that challenge Gon and Killua on the 200th floor of the Heaven's Arena. Having reached the 200th floor without being able to use Nen, Gido was "initiated" after being attacked with a malicious aura attack and lost both of his legs.[1]


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Gido 2011 Design

Gido 2011 Design

Gido is a man who lost the lower half of his body in his first Heaven's Arena fight, and had it replaced with a metal prosthetic peg leg. He supports himself with a wooden cane. He wears a red robe and conical hat from his torso up, and a breathing mask underneath it. His face has never been seen, as he has never entered the ring without his outfit and conical hat.


Heaven's Arena arcEdit

Gon Defeated By Gido

Gido defeating Gon

Gido first appears when Gon and Killua learn how to use Nen and reach the 200th floor. He is seen along with Sadaso and Riehlvelt while observing Gon and Killua and notice that they can both use Nen, then the three subscribe the date of their fights with Gon and Killua.[2] Gido is the first opponent to face Gon in the Heaven's Arena at the 200th floor and he uses from the start his spinning tops against him. The tops, reinforced with Nen, represent a serious problem for Gon who barely learned how to use Nen[1] and even thought he caught the movement of the spinning tops. He ultimately loses the match against Gido taking seriously damages and breaking his arm.[3]

Gon beat Gido

Gido defeated by Gon

Two months later, after Gon recovers from his injuries, Gido along with Sadaso and Riehlvelt try to convince Gon to fight against Sadaso, then the three try to use Zushi as a hostage to blackmail Gon and Killua and win unfairly against them, but Killua saves Zushi promising that he will fight against them and granting one victory to each others. They accept and set Zushi free, Killua then departs with him but warns them to not break their promise. However they trick Gon and convince him to fight with them, but Killua discovers the fraud. Then Gido and Riehlvelt receive a call from Sadaso discovering that Killua threatened to kill him for breaking the promise and that he will leave the Heaven's Arena. Riehlvelt propose to Gido to keep cheating, but they are frightened by Killua who threatens to kill them if they try.[4] Shortly after, Gon faces Gido in a rematch where Gido uses the same techniques of the first match against him. Although Gon studied a way to defeat him using his fishing rod to elevate the slab of the ring under him making Gido to lose his balance and fall to the ground, Gon destroys his peg leg and vows to hit Gido without mercy if he tries to take Zushi as hostage again.[5] Due to the injury sustained while fighting Gon, Gido loses to Killua by default soon thereafter.[6]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Gido is remarkable for surviving a confrontation with a Nen user while still being ignorant about it. However, he challenges only people new to Nen, implying he is not a strong Nen user. It is also by his own admission that he has "no strength".[1] That said, he's skilled enough to demonstrate some expertise in multiple Nen categories. He has a good sense of balance, moving around using only one peg leg and a cane, and he is so accustomed to spinning he does not suffer any backlash from it, not even when the spinning is very violent and lasts for some time.


Gido is an Enhancer, so he specializes on using his aura to increase his natural abilities or the qualities of objects.[7] He has also shown skills in Manipulation, seeing him uses spinning tops as weapons by infusing them with his aura and giving them commands to attack his opponents after being spun, though the orders can not be complex. Gido is apparently able to supply Enhancement Nen to his spinning tops across some distances, implying that he may also be an user of Emission, however it is unclear.

Gido's Nen Type: Enhancement
Type: Enhancement and Manipulation Dancing Tops (舞闘独楽 (ぶとうごま) Budou Goma)
Spinning tops Gido's primary ability focuses on enhancing and manipulating ten spinning tops, using them as weapons. Gido understands that when aura is infused on objects, it increases their natural efficiency of their existing functions as well as becoming a source of energy for them, hence the quantity of aura needed to move and maneuver an object is thus dependent on the size of the controlled object. Thus by choosing his weapons to be spinning tops, he won't have problems keeping them spinning for hours to attack his opponents without break to eventually wear them down, due to the small amount of aura required to maintain the spinning tops' functions. He at the same time he could further reinforce them as he so chooses.[8]
Type: Manipulation Battle Waltz (戦闘円舞曲 (戦いのワルツ) Tatakai no Warutsu)
Battle waltz Gido throws his spinning tops that surround the enemy and attack them from every side. Since spinning tops are not complex objects themselves, it is also not possible to assign any order beyond simple instructions, Gido gets around this by telling the spinning tops to attack anything around themselves indiscriminately with the possible exception of himself.[8] Coincidentally to Gido's advantage, it also makes the movement of the spinning tops very unpredictable.[1]
Type: Enhancement Tornado Top (竜巻独楽 (たつまきごま) Tatsumaki Goma)
Gido tornado top Gido spins himself atop his peg leg and uses Ren, creating a giant spinning top that serves both offensive and defensive purposes. This is Gido's most powerful attack. He uses this to protect himself, while his spinning tops keep the opponents busy. According to himself, it is a discreet but a certainly efficient way of earning points and victories in Heavens Arena's point system.[8]
Type: Enhancement Shotgun Blues (散弾独楽哀歌 (ショットガンブルース) Shottogan Buruuzu)
Shotgun blues Gido uses this technique in his rematch with Gon, While using "Tornado Top," Gido throws many of his spinning tops in rapid succession that directly attack the enemy with great speed. Different to his Battle Waltz, all of the spinning tops released in this ability target the opponents directly in order to overwhelm them instantly.[5]


  • In Nippon Animation's adaptation, Gido has both legs intact.


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