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2011 | 1999 | Manga

Goreinu EP68





Manga Debut

Chapter 127

Anime Debut

Episode 73 (1999)
Episode 60 (2011)

Japanese Voice

Kousuke Toriumi (1999)
Hidetaka Tenjin (2011)



Hair Color

Black (1999)
Brown (2011)

Eye Color



Jack Pot Hunter
Greed Island Player




Alabaster Sage - White Goreinu
Obsidian Sage - Black Goreinu

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Goreinu (ゴレイヌ, Goreinu) is a Jackpot Hunter hired by Battera to complete Greed Island.


2011 | 1999

Goreinu G.I Design (2011 Anime)

Goreinu is a man with spiky black hair that has a muscular build.


At first, he is wary of joining forces with children, and only grows more apprehensive with the introduction of a naked Hisoka to the mix, but he sticks it out, later calling Killua a friend and saying that he would give them the Breath of Archangel (G.I card) for free if it was used to heal Killua rather than Genthru, the bomber. When Killua objects that his crimes are debatably worse than Genthru's, Goreinu admits that his actions are based on feelings rather than logic.


At one point during his life he completed the Hunter Exam and became a Hunter.


Greed Island arc

Goreinu's Alabaster Sage & Obsidian Sage

Goreinu using his Nen beasts in the dodgeball match

Goreinu is one of the Hunters hired by Battera to complete Greed Island. He joins up with Gon's team and Tsezguerra's team in order to take on Razor's sports challenges. Goreinu also competes in his dodgeball game. When they were lacking two more players, he used his nen to complete the team.

Goreinu hits razor

Goreinu gets the first hit on Razor.

He was able to beat two of Razor's devils and used all his might to get a hit on Razor. After Razor stopped the ball with one hand, he was overwhelmed and knew the gap in their strength. Knowing that he won't survive catching a ball from Razor, he switched places with his white Nen beast and was the first of Gon's team to be out. Tsezguerra noted that Goreinu won't be able to mentally recover during the match. He said that he is the type to hold grudges and wanted payback for what Razor has done to him earlier.

Using his Nen ability, he was able to deal the first hit on Razor. However, that was proven worthless because one of Razor's devil was able to catch the ball. Razor returned the favor and landed a hit on Goreinu's face which knocked him unconscious. Later on, he helps hide Tsezguerra's cards from The Bomber and spies on him for their team.

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Hunters visit to Gon

Goreinu visiting Gon at the hospital

Goreinu is seen again at Netero's funeral and voting in the 1st election. He is next seen checking up on Gon in the hospital who is in intensive care. Being near to Gon, Goreinu along the others assists from the outside at Gon recover thanks to Alluka's powers feeling a strange and powerful aura. He then accompanies Gon when he goes to meet Leorio in the room where all the hunters were voting for the new chairman of the Hunters Association.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Goreinu is a capable Nen user, since he passed Battera's test. Razor considered him stronger than the members of Tsezguerra's team with the exception of Tsezguerra himself. He also has some degree of intelligence and leadership skills, as he demonstrated during the dodgeball match against Razor. Although he was greatly scared by the latter's power, he was still able to focus on the ball, reflect on the best solution and use a Nen ability to move out of danger, showing a good reactions, quick thinking and mental fortitude. He has enough confidence in his physical and combat skills to volunteer for the wrestling competition against one of Razor's pirates.


Goreinu is an Emitter who also specializes in Manipulation. He can direct his Nen beasts with apparent ease, and employ their special powers to gain tactical advantage with the right timing. He can also pour his aura into an object, such as a ball, although he is nowhere near as proficient as Razor in it.

Goreinu's Nen Type: Emission
Type: Emission and Manipulation White Goreinu (白の賢者 (ホワイトゴレイヌ) Alabaster Sage)
Goreinu Nen White With this ability Goreinu emits a white gorilla-like creature composed of aura that fights enemies with him and when necessary can tactically switch places with Goreinu, avoiding for example Goreinu to be hit from an attack, that is suffered by the creature.
Type: Emission and Manipulation Black Goreinu (黒の賢者 (ブラックゴレイヌ) Obsidian Sage)
Goreinu Nen Black With this ability Goreinu emits a black gorilla-like creature composed of aura that fights enemies with him and when necessary can tactically switch places with one of the opponents, making Goreinu attack him with a surprise attack independently from the enemy position.


  • Goreinu throwing (2011)
  • Goreinu Throwing (Manga)
  • Goreinu Throwing (1999/OVA)
  • Goreinu is left-handed in throwing.


  1. Hunter × Hunter - Volume 31, Chapter 324


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