"Wherever there is a fight, you'll find us right in the thick of it."

— Goz, telling Hisoka about his tribe. The Night Before The Showdown

Goz (ゴズ, Gozu) was examinee #371 in the 287th Hunter Exam.[1]


Gozu 2011 Design

Goz 2011 Design

Goz was a tall muscular man with shoulder length brown hair and a Fu Manchu. He wore a blue sleeveless shirt with an orange sash along with purple pants. He was often seen carrying a large spear.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Hunter Exam arcEdit

Goz first appears during the 287th Hunter Exam, as applicant #371. He is one of the 24 candidates who pass Lippo's 3rd phase in the Trick Tower[2] and reach the 4th phase of the exam on Zevil Island.[1] He is the 5th person to reach the bottom of the tower simultaneously with Pokkle.

After being mortally wounded by Gittarackur in the fourth phase of the 287th Hunter Exam, Goz stumbles upon Hisoka; wishing to die in battle, he challenges him. Hisoka refuses to fight, citing a lack of interest in the dead. Gittarackur then kills him, admitting to having granted him a 'final wish' in the chance to die as he wished.[3]


Spear: Goz wielded a spear in battle. It appeared to be rather sturdy and sharp, effortlessly cutting through the trunk of a tree.[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Goz was a capable contestant during the Hunter Exam, having reached the third phase before being killed by Illumi.[3] Since he passed the first phase of the exam, he must have had above-average stamina, which he demonstrated again, together with a remarkable tolerance to pain, when he showed the ability to cut blades of grass and fell a tree with a single swing of his spear while mortally injured. Nonetheless, he was unable to land a single hit on Hisoka, and was effortlessly killed by Illumi. Aside from his fighting abilities, Goz was adept at stealth, so much that Gon did not notice his presence despite the two of them being very close; however, Hisoka managed to sense him.[3]


  • Hunter Exam arc
    • Goz vs. Great Stamp[4]
    • Goz vs. Illumi Zoldyck (Zevil Island)[3]
    • Goz vs. Hisoka Morow (Zevil Island)[3]

Trivia Edit

Bodoro Gozu
  • In Nippon Animation's anime adaptation, Goz exhibits signs of a rivalry with Bodoro, a fellow martial artist and exam participant, during the Hunter Exam. This rivalry is set aside in the dire circumstances of Lippo's "bonus stage" after the Trick Tower, in which the two assist Hanzo in reeling in Gon and Geretta during the Tsunami.
  • Also in Nippon Animation's adaptation, Goz is a mercenary of Beanu who wished to have a fair duel with Hisoka instead of wishing to commit suicide.
  • Goz bears a resemblance to the "Guess Who?" character Alfred.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic گوز
France Flag French Gozu
Russia Flag Russian Гозу


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