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GI Badlands

Greed Island Badlands
Located in

Greed Island

Controlled by

G.I. Game Masters

Manga Debut

Chapter 135

Anime Debut

Episode 77 (1999)
Episode 62 (2011)

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The Greed Island Badlands are a series of hills in Greed Island.[1] It is where Gon and Killua trained with their new master Biscuit.[2] They repeatedly dug through these hills using shovels until they reached Masadora, and then fought their way back against the many monsters[3] that inhabited the area.[1][2]


Greed Island arcEdit

Chibi Gon & Killua
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  • Abandoned Camps - Camps that Killua, Gon, Biscuit find in the hills during their Nen training.
  • Caves - Caves or tunnels dug through the hills by Killua and Gon as part of their training. It becomes more difficult when they try to dig deeper, so they learn Shu and apply it to their shovels.


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