"Don't ever make trouble for anyone."

— The father to Gyro, in "Gyro's Story"

Gyro's father was the abusive father of Gyro, who founded the NGL.[1]


Gyro's father had short cut hair, wore no shoes, a ragged T-shirt and shorts.[1]


80 - Gyro's father drinking

Gyro's father drinks cheap liquor

Gyro's father was an extremely cruel and selfish man, who cared for no one but himself. A man of few words, it was his silence that made it hard for Gyro to learn how to speak. He was very strict, to the point that he always ordered Gyro never to make a sound while sleeping and to go to the bathroom only twice. When his orders were not met, he beat Gyro. His constant reminder to never make a trouble for anyone meant that Gyro should not make trouble for his father. Despite his cruelty, Gyro idolized him and saw him as a god.[1]


80 - Gyro and his father

"Don't ever make trouble for anyone."

Gyro and his father lived and worked in a construction camp. The single father barely paid any attention to his son and spent most of his time drinking. He always reprimanded his son not to make trouble for anyone, which Gyro took to heart.

One day, one of the teenagers in the camp bullied Gyro and revealed to him that his father never cared for him. He harshly told Gyro that it was a neighbor who took care of him when he was sick, not his father. At that same moment, his father happened to pass by and looked at Gyro being beaten. To Gyro's surprise, his father merely turned and walked away without a word.

After that incident, Gyro realized that his father never saw him as a person. When he got home, he picked up a hammer and killed his father with it. He ran away from the camp and established NGL nine years later.[1]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Gyro's father briefly appears in a flashback as Gyro, now reborn as a Chimera Ant, walks around the same town where Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck are.[1]


  • (When asked if Gyro dies) "Who cares? Doesn't matter to me either way."

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