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Heil-Ly Family



'Ei i Ikka'

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Chapter 371

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Mafia family


Morena Prudo

Base of Operations

Kakin Empire
Black Whale 1


Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou

The Heil-Ly Family (エイ=イ一家, Ei i Ikka) is one of the three largest Mafia families in the Kakin Empire. Fourth Prince Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou is one of their benefactors.[1] It counts 23 members, including its Boss, Morena Prudo.[2]


At some point after joining the Heil-Ly family, Morena, at the time a junior member, staged a coup and became the new Boss. She then had her underlings kill each other until only 22 remained.[2]


Succession Contest arcEdit

Members of the Heil-Ly Family boarded the Black Whale 1 in order to secure territory on the New Continent. Unlike the other bosses, The boss is a VIP on Tier 1 of the ship. The underlings are scheming to whittle down the numbers of the two rival families, Xi-Yu and Cha-R.[1] Established on the third floor of the ship, their main source of income comes from mediating secret deals with the upper deck.[2]

Morena uses her Hatsu ability on 22 of her followers and orders them to wreak havoc on the ship, killing as many people as possible.[2]


Heil-Ly Family
Boss Benefactor
Heil-Ly 1
Heil-Ly 2
Heil-Ly 3
Heil-Ly 5
Heil-Ly 6
Heil-Ly 7
Heil-Ly 8
Heil-Ly 9
Heil-Ly 4
Heil-Ly 10
Heil-Ly 12
Heil-Ly 13
Heil-Ly 14
Heil-Ly 15
Heil-Ly 16
Heil-Ly 17
Heil-Ly 18
Heil-Ly 19
Heil-Ly 20
Heil-Ly 21


  • Taken together, the katakana of the three Mafia families form "Shūeisha", the company responsible for the publication of Weekly Shōnen Jump and of Hunter × Hunter.
  • The crest bears resemblance to the letter A, whose English reading mirrors the pronunciation of the first part of the family's name ("ei").


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