The Twin Snake Hellbell (ヘルベル, Heruberu) is a mysterious snake-like being and one of the Five Great Calamities.[1] It lives in the swamplands situated south of Lake Mobius, in the Dark Continent.[2]


Hellbell is a snake-like creature with two tails. Its distinguishing feature is a large, black lump where its two tails split resembling a bell (from which it derives its name). The skin of its neck up to the black lump from which the tails sprout looks twisted in texture.[1]


When the Federation of Ochima did an expedition to the Dark Continent searching for the Nitro Rice, a food that increases longevity, they went through the south of Lake Mobius and ended up into a wild swampland. There, 99% of them fell prey to Hellbell. Only 11 people survived the attack.[2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Hellbell is said to infect its prey with homicidal desire. According to Ging Freecss, the threat level of the Hellbell is B+.[2] However, the current Chairman of the Hunter Association, Cheadle Yorkshire, proclaimed that its danger rank has been raised from B+ to A, which is even higher than that of the Chimera Ants.[3] Previously, when the Federation of Ochima came into its territory, Hellbell was able to annihilate 99% of their forces, leaving only 11 survivors,[2] a testament to its power.


  • It is currently unknown if Hellbell is a single creature or a species.


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