"Losing your figure is a huge issue for a girl!"

— Hina to Shidore in "Charge: Part 1"
2011 | Manga
Hina anime




Also known as

Hirin (Previous name)

Japanese Voice

Azusa Kataoka

English Voice

Kimberley Anne Campbell

Manga Debut

Chapter 192

Anime Debut

Episode 81 (2011)


Female Female

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Previous Affiliation

Leol's Squad

Previous Occupation

Chimera Ant Squad Captain





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Hina (ヒナ, Hina) is a Chimera Ant and former Squad Captain in Leol's Squad. She was called Hirin before she decided to change her name. After the death of the Chimera Ant King, she travels with Bizeff and Welfin to Meteor City, in search for Gyro.


2011 | Manga

84 - Hina's full body appearance

Hina's 2011 anime appearance

Hina has blonde hair and big, brown eyes. She dresses in yellow, furry, cutesy clothes, with a stuffed toy-esque cap. Her chest and belly are covered with brown animal fur that resembles a swimsuit, and she has a short, bushy tail. She is one of the few Chimera Ants who looks completely human.


120 - Shidore, Bizeff, and Hina

Hina likes the idea of being rewarded for helping

Hina is quite cheerful and childish. Her personality is that of a typical teenage girl and worries about the effect that her ability has on her figure. She was very close to Leol and Flutter, her team mates, and is one of the few who have witnessed Leol's ability, and is fond of bathing. She seems to be quite materialistic as well, shown when she only agrees to help Bizeff if she gets a reward, or as Bizeff promised—a treasure. Hina tends to be self-focused and ambitious, but not too arrogant, as she offers Shidore to become her second-in-command once she becomes the Chimera Ant Queen.


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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84 - Leol, Flutter and Hina introduction

Leol, Flutter, and Hina in the Chimera Ants' nest

Hina is first seen accompanying Hagya (later known as Leol) and Flutter watching Gon, Killua, and Kite defeat some Chimera Ant drudges.[1] After the Chimera Ant Queen's death,[2] she, Flutter and Leol align themselves to the King.[3] She is also the one that removed Knuckle's Hakoware curse on Cheetu.[4] Hina is later seen in the King's Royal Palace outside of Peijin, complaining about her figure to Shidore.[5] During the attack on the palace, Hina attempts to escape with Shidore when they came across Bizeff, whom has been trapped under rubble caused by Zeno's Dragon Dive ability. She helps Bizeff with the condition that he will give her the palace's underground riches,[6] though they were being tailed by a hesitating Welfin.[7] After the battle, Hina accompanies Welfin, Bizeff, Bloster, and Shidore to NGL in order to drop the latter off. She then leaves for Meteor City with the other two in search of Gyro.[8]

Abilities & PowersEdit

120 - Hina helps Bizeff

Hina's strength

Hina has not been seen in combat yet; however, as a Chimera Ant she demonstrated that she possesses remarkable strength when she easily lifted and tossed away a huge piece of rubble that was pinning Bizeff down.[6]


Hina is an Exorcist, so she has the ability to remove Nen curses on herself or on other users.

Hina's Nen Abilities
Type: Unknown Exorcism
103 - Hina the exorcist As an Exorcist, Hina can remove Nen-imposed curses. The result is that the aura is ultimately stored in her belly causing it to inflate, giving her an appearance similar to that of a pregnant woman. The stronger the ability, the larger the inflation. It is also mentioned that she can not move much after she uses this ability. Her belly deflates when the curses have been lifted or the cursed dies. This bothers Hina because she feels as if making herself inflate takes away her figure.[5]


  • In the anime, Hina is one of the few Chimera Ants to have five fingers (four fingers and a thumb); however, in the manga she has only four.
  • Hina is the only exorcist in the Chimera Ant army.


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