Holding Hands (Te wo tsunaide) is a song from the Musical Hunter × Hunter, sung by Madam Isabel's actress, Yuu Daiki .


Hora te o tsunaide kaeroune[1]
Mori no hanashi no sono tsuzuki sotto hanashite ageru

Nee wasurenaide ne itsumade mo
Chicchana ashide fumishimeta o hisama no ni oi wo

Yasashisa ni tsutsumareteita sunadokei no kioku wo
Yuri kago no naku sotto shimatte mamotte ageru
Ikutsu ni natte mo omae no inochi ga atatakai youni

Chibi Gon and Killua
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Look Don't let go of my hand Let's go home
Softly, I'll tell you the rest of the story of the forest

Say Don't ever, ever forget
Your first steps on those tiny feet The smell of the sun...

Enveloped in gentleness Memories from the hourglass
Enclosed softly in the cradle I'll protect you
However you grow up, your life is like warmth to me