"This is no place humanity should go back to...!!"

— The IPA Deputy Secretary to himself in "Threats"

The IPA Deputy Secretary is one of the highest-ranked individuals in the International Permit Agency.[1] After the V6 approved Kakin's expedition to the Dark Continent, he was tasked with acting as Beyond Netero's guide.[2]


The IPA Deputy Secretary is a tall, bespectacled man in his thirties or early fourties. He has light brown hair and hazel eyes.


When he was introduced, the Deputy Secretary appeared to be a self-confident man; however, after entering the International Permit Agency basement and reading Don Freecss' book and learning about the Five Great Calamities took its toll on his confidence, terrorizing him and leading him to conclude the Dark Continent is not a place for humans to go back to.[1] He nonetheless accepted to serve as Beyond's guide.[2] When talking to the heads of the V5, he suggested the endorse Kakin's project in order to let Nasubi Hui Guo Rou take all the fallout; however, together with the "misnaming" of the New Continent, this was one of his tactics to prevent an armed conflict. He half-heartedly convenes with his manager that a world peace to take priority over the truth.[3]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

341 - IEA introduction

The IPA Deputy Secretary discussing with his manager

The IPA Deputy Secretary is taken to the basement of the International Environmental Permit Agency by his manager, who tells him he has been put in charge of a team coordinating the Restricted Voyage Agencies and asks him to go through his tasks. He is shocked to see the victims of the Five Great Calamities. His manager has him read the East edition of Journey to the New World. After he does so, the Deputy Secretary concludes the Dark Continent is not a place where humanity should go ever again,[1] and tasks the Hunter Association with Beyond's capture.[3]

342 - IEADS presentation

The IPA Deputy Secretary gives his speech to the V5

Nonetheless, some time later he gives a speech to the heads of the V5, recommending them to endorse Kakin's expedition, as the only other way to stop King Nasubi would be an armed intervention. He suggests they publicly support him and invite him to join the Modern Nation Leaders, letting him take the fall when a catastrophe occurs. He also advises to trick the public at large, making them believe that some uninhabited islands in the Untamed Waters, before the border controlled by the Gatekeeper. When, after the presentation, the manager congratulates him, the secretary confesses he is conflicted about the morality of his actions, but the manager replies that a world at peace to be more important than honesty.[3]

Succession Contest arcEdit

359 - IEADS on BW

Reading about Brion

The secretary is later appointed by the V6 as Beyond Netero's guide. After boarding the Black Whale, he brushes up on the destination, the labyrinth city where the Botanical Weapon Brion resides. He advises his cabinmates to do the same, since one of them will have to take his place if he dies. However, they are confident they will survive, what with the Hunter Association being in charge of security and the Director of the IPA being an official survivor of the Dark Continent.[2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

The IPA Deputy Secretary has vast authority over the International Permit Agency as well as all the RVAs.[1] His position has allowed him to communicate directly with the V5 leaders at least once, an occasion in which he showed to be a capable public speaker: his speech influenced their course of action, leading to the approval of King Nasubi's colonization project and the nominal creation of the New Continent, preventing an armed conflict.[3] Having read the East edition of Journey to the New World, the Deputy Secretary was deemed knowledgeable enough to act as Beyond's guide in the Dark Continent.[2]


  • (To his manager, who inquired about his duties) "Don't let anybody go to the new world. When you have to, keep them on a short leash."[1]
  • (To the V5) "Considering the above, to quell this situation peacefully it is necessary to invite Kakin to the V5! Reorganize as the V6, and unofficially support Kakin's journey."[3]
  • (To the V5) "Let them suffer the same fate that united the V5 so strongly in the first place."[3]
  • (To his manager) "Our official stance is that Journey to the New World was fiction, but in actuality, that book is the basis for the most important criteria for the world..."[3]


Translations around the WorldEdit

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The Arab world Flag Arabic نائب سكرتير وكالة التصاريح الدولية


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