"A good-for-nothing octopus like me... and you told me I'm cool. You even said we could've been friends!! I can't stand by and watch you die!!!"

— Ikalgo about Killua Zoldyck in "8: Part 7"
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Kenyuu Horiuchi

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Chapter 236 (Living Dead Dolls)
Chapter 237 (Actual)

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Episode 100 (2011)


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Living Dead Dolls

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Ikalgo (イカルゴ, Ikarugo) is an octopus-like Chimera Ant and the former officer of Leol's Squad.[1] After befriending Killua Zoldyck, he joins the operation to defeat the Chimera Ant King.[2]


Ikalgo has thick eyebrows, and most of his body resembles an octopus. He has the ability enlarge his head and to enlarge and regenerate his tentacles.


Ikalgo's resolve to never betray

Ikalgo's resolve to never betray a comrade

Ikalgo is an acute observer, often planning a strategy before fighting an enemy. He has a strong sense of honor, preferring to die rather than betray a comrade, when given these options by Killua Zoldyck. Ikalgo dislikes his appearance and wishes he were born as a "cool" squid rather than an "ugly" octopus. After Killua allows him to live, Ikalgo finds it touching that someone would call an octopus like him a "cool guy" and finds it difficuilt to betray that kindness.


In his former life as a human, Ikalgo served as an NGL soldier alongside Zaikahal and Gyro (possibly Bloster too).


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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Living Dead Dolls

Ikalgo, inside a host, sniping Killua

Ikalgo, inhabiting a corpse along with his division, intercepts Killua and begins to attack him as a sniper with his "Fleadom" ability, shooting from a very long distance.[1] Killua finds him and just when Ikalgo jumps in a hole saying that Killua is falling into his trap, Killua attacks him by sticking his finger inside Ikalgo's host. Both of them fall in the hole,[3] but just before entering the water cave full of shark Chimera Ants, Ikalgo leaves the corpse he was inhabiting. The corpse is devoured by the shark Chimera Ants and Ikalgo clings into a stalactite. Killua noticed this and cut some of Ikalgo's tentacles off, using them to cling to a stalactite as well.[4]

Ikalgo saved by yoyo

Killua saves Ikalgo

Ikalgo tries to escape by enlarging his head by breathing in and releasing it to move through the air, but is grabbed by Killua in mid-air using his tentacle-gun. Killua notices that despite being an octopus, Ikalgo attempted to escape through the air instead of the underground lake, which would be easier for him. He then understands that Ikalgo is worried about the shark Chimera Ants, which become excited by exposure to blood. Killua gives him two choices: divulge the abilities of the other Chimera Ants, or die by falling into the lake. Ikalgo refuses to betray his mates and cuts off his own tentacle, falling into the lake to a sure death. Killua, stricken by Ikalgo's loyalty, saves him. When Ikalgo asks him why, Killua says that he is cool and in different circumstances they could have been friends. Ikalgo is deeply moved by these words.[4]

Ikalgo saving Killua's life

Ikalgo helps Killua

After Killua is severely wounded during the Ortho Siblings battle, Ikalgo saves him by taking him to an underground clinic, having developed a great respect towards Killua.[5] When Killua recovers, Ikalgo is sad because Killua must immediately reach Gon, but Killua invites the octopus ant to join him. Ikalgo, touched after having finally finding a friend, cries and happily goes with Killua.[2]

123 - Ikalgo centipedes

Ikalgo's head filled with centipedes

When Ikalgo meets with the other Hunters, they team up during the assault on the Royal Palace of East Gorteau.[6] His objective is to find and save Palm in Bizeff's quarters.[7] To infiltrate the palace, he uses Flutter's corpse with his "Living Dead Dolls" ability[8] and headed towards Bizeff's quarters. He finds the other girls taken by Bizeff, but not Palm, who leaves in her room a Nen message that Ikalgo reads using Gyo, asking them to act under the premise that she has died. Later, he is discovered by Bloster, who destroys Flutter's corpse.[9] He fights him,[10] and with a strategy, knocks out Bloster with a sleep gas.[11] Just when he thinks he is out of peril, he is attacked by Welfin.[12] Defeating Welfin, thanks to his courage, and immobilizing by shooting him in the legs, Ikalgo makes Welfin speak about his life as a human and he starts to remember his own previous life.[13]

After persuading Welfin to take Bizeff's girls to safety, Ikalgo finds Palm and Killua outside the Palace grounds and regroup with Knuckle and Meleoron while briefly discussing how to proceed.[14] During his search—like the others—Ikalgo felt the monstrous Nen of the King.[15] He finds Palm, who is carrying an unconscious Komugi. Together, they hide Komugi and split up so they won't be discovered by the King.[16] After the end of the battle against the Chimera Ant King and his Royal Guards, Ikalgo goes with the others into the hospital where Gon lies mortally wounded. With Palm, he waits outside the operating room with a large bandage around his head for his injury from Welfin's black centipede attack, hoping for Gon's recovery.[17]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Being near to Gon, Ikalgo along the others assists from the outside[18] as Gon recovers thanks to Alluka's powers feeling a strange and powerful aura.[19] Ikalgo is seen alongside Palm, Knuckle, Meleoron, and a recovering Shoot looking at Small-billed Swans pictures sent by Gon.[20]

Abilities & PowersEdit

During his time as a Chimera Ant Captain, he had authority over his underlings, although he lost it after he allied himself with the Extermination Team. Although not a front line fighter, Ikalgo is a reliable ally. His Nen abilities make him both a good sniper and infiltrator. He is crafty, quick of thought as well as an excellent strategist. While he is mostly powerless in close-quarters combat, one of his tentacles still has enough power to break a rifle in two with a simple swiping motion. 

Octopus Physiology: Ikalgo, having the genes of an octopus, can swim quickly, breathe underwater and adhere to surfaces using his suction cups. He seems to feel no pain even if several of his tentacles are cut off, and the blood loss is minimal. He can also inflate his head to store air for later use. 

Proficient Strategist: Ikalgo has demonstrated a fair amount of intelligence during the infiltration in the Chimera Ants' palace, especially when confronting Bloster from the control room. On that occasion, he came up with a multitude of back-up plans, also showing considerable analytical skills in that they were made in a matter of seconds basing on the resources at his disposal. However, Ikalgo's emotions can cloud his judgement and lead him to lower his guard, as it happened when he could not bring himself to kill Bloster.

Master Marksman: Ikalgo is an excellent marksman. He can hit targets he cannot see provided he is given their position in a three-dimensional coordinate system, as showed when he shoot Killua multiple times despite the latter being very far away and hidden in the thick of a forest.


Ikalgo is a Manipulator who, through Nen, can reanimate corpses. He also shows some competence in Conjuration. All his abilities are supported by other qualities, for example his marksmanship or skills as an impersonator.

Ikalgo's Nen Type: Manipulation
Type: Conjuration Fleadom (蚤弾 (フリーダム) Bullets of Flea)
FleadomLiving Dead Dolls Fleadom allows Ikalgo to turn two of his tentacles into an air rifle.[10] When residing inside a corpse, Ikalgo can use a special kind of giant fleas as rounds for the gun; they have a vertical leap of 200 meters and their saliva contains anticoagulant properties so powerful that not even Killua was immune to it.[3] The flea bullets are powerful enough to knock an unaware person back a few meters, and can travel much further and faster than any normal sniper's bullet, also undergoing near to no change in their trajectory after the shot.[3] However, they do not appear to be able to inflict any significant damage to the target, or at least to a Nen user, managing to draw blood but not proving lethal even when hitting a critical area such as the neck.[3] The fleas can be conjured only if Ikalgo is puppeteering a corpse;[4] if he is not, he can conjure regular bullets.[11] The air gun needs to be recharged after every shot.[3] By pulling the trigger with an empty chamber, Ikalgo can utilize the stored air to propel himself backwards at high speed.[4]
Type: Manipulation Living Dead Dolls (死体と遊ぶな子供たち (リビングデッドドールズ) Kids who Play With Corpses)
Ikalgo attacks Killua Ikalgo is capable of inhabiting and taking control of a corpse, manipulating its movements as well as utilizing their voice[9] and Nen abilities.[21] When he does so, he seems to reside in the head of the host,[4] but can apparently leave its body from other points.[9] Although Ikalgo can manipulate a corpse, he is powerless to stop its decomposition.[21]


  • Ikalgo's name comes from the Japanese word for squid, "Ika," and the latter half belonging to the name of the titular rifleman from the manga series Golgo 13.
  • Ikalgo shares the same voice actor whom also voices Gotoh and Koala in the 2011 anime.
  • Ikalgo's greatest wish is to be a Chiroteuthis imperator.
  • Ikalgo's Living Dead Dolls ability is similar to one of the abilities of YuYu Hakusho character, Elder Toguro.
  • The name of Ikalgo's Fleadom ability and the word "freedom" are pronounced the same way in Japanese.
  • According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix), Ikalgo's stats are:

Story Arcs Spirit Skill Strength Nen Talent Intelligence
Chimera Ant arc: Palace Invasion 4/5 2/5 3/5 2/5 3/5 3/5


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