Jeet (シート, Shīto) was a player of the Greed Island video game. He was the first candidate to show Tsezguerra his skills and also the first to pass the recruitment test.[1]


Jeet was a tall muscular man with black spiky hair. He was seen wearing a beige shirt in the 1999 anime adaptation, while he wore a red shirt in the 2011 anime adaptation, tucked into a pair of blue jeans.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Greed Island arcEdit

The GI players

Jeet amongst the people who passed Tsezguerra's Ren test

Jeet is the first candidate to show his Ren to Tsezguerra[1] and along with Gon and Killua, he is one of the 21 candidates hired by the billionaire Battera to complete the game. Jeet along with the other 21 candidates all gather within Battera's mansion to be transferred into the Greed Island game.[2]

Jeet's dead body

Jeet, victimized by the Bomber

Soon after entering the game he along with a handful of the other candidates observe the local Antokiba Tournament Billboard, and a while later he's found dead in the center of town. Jeet's death was due to an explosion to his abdomen.[3] Biscuit briefly mentions Jeet when she tells to Gon and Killua they've managed to escape death twice since they've entered the game.[4] Later, Jeet's name appears on Gon's binder and has a black dot listed next to his name.[5]

Abilities & PowersEdit


Due to being able to access Greed Island, Jeet is capable of utilizing Nen.[6]


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