"This will be a one-sided massacre. I have no interest in the exam or any offer of amnesty."

— Johness, to Killua Zoldyck in "Resolution"
2011 | 1999 | Manga
Johness the Dissector hxh 2011



Barashiya Jonesu

Also known as

Johness the Dissector (解体屋ジョネス)

Japanese Voice

Tsuyoshi Koyama (1999)
Takashi Matsuyama (2011)

English Voice

Mike Shepherd (1999)
Joshua Tomar (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 16 (Hidden)
Chapter 21 (Revealed)

Anime Debut

Episode 16 (1999)
Episode 9 (2011)


Male Male

Eye Color


Hair Color

Brown (1999)
Blonde (2011)



Previous Occupation

Mass Murderer
Trick Tower Prisoner

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Johness (ジョネス, Jonesu), also known as Johness the Dissector (解体屋ジョネス, Barashiya Jonesu), was the most notorious mass murderer in Zaban City and one of the prisoners in Trick Tower, used to test the examinees in the 287th Hunter Exam.[1]


2011 | 1999 | Manga

Johness 2011 design

Johness' 2011 anime design

Johness is a tall man with a muscular frame. His hair is unkempt and his facial hair consisted of a mustache and sideburns. He has large, piercing blue eyes with a long and slender nose. The muscles in his fingers are extremely well-developed, easily capable of tearing flesh from bone and crushing stone to dust.[1] He wears typical inmate attire whilst in Trick Tower and in a flashback of Johness' arrest he is seen wearing a striped shirt over a T-shirt and trousers.


Johness tries to kill killua

Johness' thirst in killing

Johness is a sadistic and psychotic individual. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than the feel of bleeding flesh in his hands and hearing the screams of agony from his victims. However, once he experienced what he did to so many others, all he could do was plead for his life.


Johness was an infamous mass murderer in Zaban City. Prior to being captured, he killed 146 people, all were torn into at least 50 pieces by using his bare hands. In some cases, his victims are torn into thousands of pieces and is regardless of what gender it is. When he was arrested, Johness did not resist, instead he tore a large piece of flesh off the left arm of the police officer. For this, he was sentenced 968 years in prison.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

Johness appears

Johness appears

Following the "Path of Majority Rules" during the 3rd Stage of 287th Hunter Exam, the 5 examinees Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and Tonpa are found pitted against 5 other prisoners within the Trick Tower in a series of challenges.[2]

After 2 wins and 2 losses, the fate of the challenge falls on Killua. He is paired with Johness, much to Leorio's alarm when he recognizes him, and he strongly advises Killua to back down. Leorio tells the group of Johness' fearsome reputation as a bloodthirsty mass murderer and his extreme methods of dismembering his victims with his bare hands.[1]

Johness the Dissector begs Killua to return his heart to him before dying

Johness dies before Killua

This is ignored however, and the two combatants enter the arena platform. The object of the challenge is simple, a deathmatch. As Johness is still talking of how he is going to tear Killua's body to pieces, Killua lunges forward in the blink of an eye and plucks Johness' heart clean out of his chest. Johness quickly realizes what has just transcended and pleads for Killua to give his heart back. Plea ignored, Killua crushes the heart in his hand. Johness is left quivering and twitching on the floor in his final moments before dying. This grants the examinees a pass through the section, and onto the challenges awaiting them in the race against time to get to the base of the tower.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Johness finger strength

Johness showcasing his grip

Johness has an extremely powerful grip. His fingers enable him to easily crush stone and tear flesh from bone. All his crimes were committed with his bare hands. However, he was no match for Killua and was deemed an amateur by his killer.


  • Hunter Exam arc
    • Johness vs. Killua Zoldyck (Trick Tower)[1]


  • "Johness the Dissector" may allude to the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper.
  • The voice actor of Johness in the 2011 anime series is the same voice actor of Gotoh, Geretta, and Nobunaga from the 1999 series.
  • In the 2011 anime, instead of destroying Johness' heart, Killua gives it back to Johness after he collapses and dies.
  • Johness resembles Ōtake, a character in YuYu Hakusho series.


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