Journey to the New World ((しん)()(かい)()(こう)()()()()(),[1] Shin Sekai Kikō—lit. "New World Travelogue"; or (しん)(たい)(りく)()(こう)()()()()(), Shin Tairiku Kikō—lit. "New Continent Travelogue") is a traveler's journal written by Don Freecss about the Dark Continent.[2]


Over 300 years ago, Don Freecss traveled to the Dark Continent and recorded his travels into two editions: an East ((ひがし), Higashi) edition and a West (西(にし), Nishi) edition; however, only the East edition is still extant. Ging believes the reason that the West edition has yet to be found is because Don is currently still writing it.[2]

The book was originally considered as a work of fiction. However, after many incidents involve the Dark Continent, the book has attained the legendary status a vital piece of information about the Dark Continent.[1]


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