The JoyStation Console (ジョイステーション, JoiSutēshon) is an old third generation console used for outdated video games like Greed Island.[3]


The JoyStation looks much like a PlayStation. It appears to have two game disc compartments, four memory card slots, and two controller plugs. It has one wire to plug into a wall and one to plug into a TV. They can also plug into each other.[3]


Yorknew City arcEdit


It is first shown when Killua and Gon must buy one for a memory card Ging left Gon in the "Nen box". They plug in the memory card to learn about the game Greed Island.[3] The Auctioneer of the Southernpiece Auction House showcases a JoyStation Console for auction and demonstrates its power with a Greed Island copy inside it.[1] It is later shown in vast quantity owned by Battera after he hires many people to play the game.[4]


  • The name "JoyStation" is most likely a parody of the famous PlayStation console.


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