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2011 | 1999 | Manga


Additional Information
Located In Toy Stores
Manga Debut

Chapter 69

Anime Debut

Episode 49 (1999)
Episode 38 (2011)


The JoyStation Console is an old third generation console used for outdated video games like Greed Island.


The Joystation looks much like a PlayStation. It appears to have two game disc compartments, four memory card slots, and two controller plugs. It has one wire to plug into a wall and one to plug into a TV. They can also plug into each other.


Yorknew City arc

It is first shown when Killua and Gon must buy one for a memory card Ging left Gon in the Nen box. They plug in the memory card to learn about the game Greed Island. It is later shown in vast quantity owned by Battera after he hires many people to play the game.


  • The name "JoyStation" is most likely a parody of the famous PlayStation console.

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