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Hiroki Takahashi (1999) (1st OVA)
Yasuyuki Kase (1999) (2nd OVA)
Fumihiro Okabayashi (2011)

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Jon Allen (2011)

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Chapter 133

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Episode 76 (1999)
Episode 62 (2011)


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Greed Island Player
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Kazsule (カヅスール, Kadzusuru) was a player of the game Greed Island.[1] He was the leader of a team that consisted of Souheil and Nick Cue[2] and he was the leader of his own alliance with twelve other Greed Island Players.[3]


Greed Island arcEdit

Kazsule is one of the many people involved in the theft of Gon and Killua's first specified slot card from the monthly tournament in Antokiba. Kazsule proclaims to the boys that only fools enter the tournaments.[1]

Sometime later after accumulating numerous amounts of cards, Kazsule gets in contact with Gon and his group from Dorias. Impressed by the progress they've made thinking it was done with spell cards, but Gon assures it was strenuous work that paid off. He understands, offers to trade either his Witch's Diet Pills (G.I card) or his Book of V.I.P. Passes (G.I card) with them. This makes Killua think that Kazsule is stalking them again, since they've acquired more cards from the monthly tournament from Antokiba. However Kazsule assures him that he only goes to the monthly tournament every 15th of the month and that he's in Dorias as well. Back on topic he asks what cards they're willing to trade and Gon offers the Witch's Love Potion (G.I card) and the Risky Dice (G.I card). Kazsule chooses the Witch's Love Potion (G.I card) and sets up a location outside Dorias. Later accompanied by his teammates, Souheil and Nick Cue they trade their Book of V.I.P. Passes (G.I card) for Gon's Witch's Love Potion (G.I card).[2]

Asta In Meeting About The Bomber

Kazsule holds a meeting to form an alliance to stop the Bomb Devils complete the game

Right after acquiring the Wild Luck Alexandrite (G.I card), Kazsule contacts Gon's team again and thinking it's about a trade again, Gon offers either the Tome of a Thousand Tales (G.I card) or his Pearl Locusts (G.I card). Not interested in trading with them at the time, Kazsule invites the group to a meeting with other players to exchange information on Genthru's group the Bomb Devils. With 15 people assembled in their respective groups aside from Goreinu who belonged to no group. Kazsule mentions that the Bomb Devils are close to beating the game with the ranking information they've learned from the card trade shops and what counter measures they should take to prevent them from beating the game. Kazsule also mentions the four cards that they've yet to acquire those being, the Ruler's Blessing (G.I card), the Tree of Plenty (G.I card), the Patch of Shore (G.I card), and the Wild Luck Alexandrite (G.I card), but since only three of those cards can be obtained, Kazsule claims that they should get a monopoly of one of the three cards they can prevent Genthru's team from beating the game.[3]

Asta of her own team proposes they use offensive spell cards, but Kazsule claims they have a Paladin's Necklace in their possession and only a Levy (G.I card) would work against it, but the conditions of the Prison (G.I card) would null the effects of Levy. After another proposal from Asta, Kazsule proposes an alliance be formed with all of the attendees of the meeting. Asta is for an alliance, but is against Gon's group being a part of it. Kazsule argues that he followed Asta's condition when he contacted her. Asta continues to profusely deny that Gon's group qualify to be a part of the alliance, but after Gon's group explain the Bomb Devils abilities and that they have the Wild Luck Alexandrite card. Yabibi of his own team and Montreux ask how he got it, but Kazsule interrupts them saying the can do that at a later time. So after using some List (G.I card)s, it's decided that they can get a monopoly of the Patch of Shore card. Amana of team Asta uses a Guidepost (G.I card) to find it's location in Soufrabi so the newly formed alliance uses an Accompany (G.I card) to Soufrabi.[3]

Upon landing in Soufrabi Kazsule explains to the alliance how to obtain an SS-Ranked Card. The alliance then splits up and asks around town about the Patch of Shore card. Efforts to find a shred of information on the card prove fruitless, until Kazsule finds a Woman NPC who has information on the card and divulges the story about the rules of the town the Razor Pirates. She promises to tell them the location of the card if they drive out the pirates. So after talking it over Kazsule asks where the pirates are. The alliance then goes to a bar in town and are confronted by a group of pirates. Kazsule asks the pirates to leave town, but one of the pirates Bopobo claims that only Razor can order them around and challenges them to a Sumo match and if they win he'll lead them to Razor.[4]

Pirates And Guesses

The Alliance confronts the Razor pirates

Zeho steps up to the challenge, but loses and is saved by Gon. So Killua steps up to the challenge and wins. So the alliance is lead to the pirates lighthouse base and Razor proposes that if they can beat them in a series of sports trials they'll leave the town. One of the pirates a boxer says his challenge is first and Kazsule asks if Nen is allowed, to which the Pirate claims it'll be used a lot. Hearing this Montreux steps up the challenge,[5] but loses. The alliance members lose the other trials as well and are kicked out of the lighthouse base. Outside Kazsule laments over losing and not being able to take part in obtaining the card again, but Asta corrects him claiming that they can, but with different players and claims the alliance should disband as there's noway the Bomb Devils could obtain the card. The alliance does so and the groups go their separate ways.[6] It's learned after Gon and his group beat the Razor pirates that the Bomb Devils kill Kazsule and the remainder of the alliance.[7]

Abilities & Powers Edit

Due to being able to access Greed Island, Kazsule is capable of utilizing Nen.[8] He is very knowledgeable about the game, and has shown to be capable of leading a team. However, Gon's team estimated him to be too weak to defeat Razor's convicts, as turned out to be the case. Kazsule was also unable to see the Pirate boxer's warping uppercut.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • He wears fur-lined shoes similar to Yu Yu Hakusho character Chu.


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