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Khara (2011)





Japanese Voice

Akiko Higuchi (1999)
Machiko Toyoshima (2011)

English Voice

Lori Barnes Smith (1999)
Julie Ann Taylor (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 22 (as a sketch)
Chapter 23

Anime Debut

Episode 21 (1999)
Episode 14 (2011)


Female Female

Eye Color

Light Green (1999)
Yellow (2011)

Hair Color

Pinkish Brown (1999)
Red (2011)



Previous Occupation

287th Hunter Exam 4th Phase Examiner



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Khara (カラ, Kara) is a Hunter working as a crew member for the Hunter Association's ship and a guide for providing information and rules during the fourth phase of the 287th Hunter Examination.[1]


She has short, light brown hair and light green eyes in the Nippon adaption, but changed to red hair and yellow eyes in Madhouse adaption. She is initially shown wearing a headset and uniform with the Hunter Association's logo on it.


Khara is an exuberant woman; the way she talks is frank and outspoken, which causes her to find herself at awkward situations with people.


Hunter Exam arcEdit

Khara (2011) depressed

While on a boat heading towards the destination of the 4th phase of the Hunter Exam Zevil Island, Khara congratulates all of the 24 Examinees whom made it thus far. She then informs them all they'll reach there destination within 2 hours and those whom fail this phase of the exam will be able to come back next year to the first round of the Hunter Exam without having to go through the pre-exam process. Cheerfully Khara tries to raise morale for the examinees telling them not to worry about failing, only to get leered by the group and have her feel uneasy and feel like she's messed up. With the Examinees ruminating whom their respective targets are and whom are targeting them, Khara informs the examinees they have 2 hours at their leisure and hope they enjoy the ride.[1]

Khara 2011

When the boat finally reaches Zevil Island; Khara tells the examinees to please leave the boat in the order of when you reached the bottom of the 3rd Phase location the Trick Tower. She also mentions that a 2 minute interval will separate each candidate leaving the boat and that all of the Examinees will stay on the island for exactly 1 week. Within that time they'll need to collect 6 points and come back to where the boat is at. Khara then begins to send off each examinee by the order in which they reached the bottom of the Trick Tower.[1]

On the final day of the 4th Phase of the Hunter Exam, Khara announces from the boat that the 4th Phase of the exam will end and that all qualified Examinees are welcomed back to the starting point of the test. Also the Qualified Examinees must make themselves known within the time of 1 hour. After this delay the examinees who don't show themselves will be disqualified, and any tags that have been collected within the final hour will not be counted. Verifications will be made and those who break those verifications will be disqualified.[2]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

Khara taking part in the election

Khara is seen again among the Hunters that voted in the Hunter Association's chairman election.[3]


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