The King White Stag Beetle (キングホワイトオオクワガタ, Kingu Howaito Ōkuwagata) is a Greed Island animal which looks like a beetle.[1]


A rare white beetle in Greed Island, uses special pheromones to lure other insects to build a huge colony. It leaves the colony once a day for an evening stroll.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

Gon, Killua, and Biscuit go to a giant tree to obtain this beetle. First they have to strike the tree, and if they are strong enough, the beetle might fall. Gon punches the tree with his fist. With his first try, they find three beetles.[1]



A "King White Stag Beetle" card (1999 anime version)

The "King White Stag Beetle" card's designated number is 53, therefore it is needed in order to finish the game. It is an A-rank card with a 30-card limit.


  • Gon is the first to find 3 in one shot.
  • Before Gon, only 7 beetles were found, making it a total of 10 that were captured.


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