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Quotation1 From our perspective substances that seem incredibly tiny like the size of a pollen can continue to release energy to the degree where it can affect our health for tens of thousand or hundreds of millions of years. And even smaller is DNA, where the enormous amount of information that is what forms most of us, for the is, back into a double-helix shape. And even more limitlessly small, some absurdly small things are the conditions that gave birth to the enormous space known as the universe. The concept of small is a thing does not equal the aggregate amount of energy that it can release. The soul is probably 'small' but it held enough energy to repeat. Quotation2
Koala anime




Manga Debut

Chapter 189

Anime Debut

Episode 79 (2011)

Japanese Voice

Kenyuu Horiuchi



Hair Color

Purplish Pink

Eye Color



Hitman (former)
Chimera Ant Solider
Kite's Companion

Koala is a Soldier Chimera Ant in Meleoron's Squadron.


Koala (Chimera Ant)
Koala's appearance in the manga
XScarAdded by XScar
Koala looks like a small bipedal koala with fluffy round ears, big round nose and wears a black tuxedo with a pair of shoes.


Not much is known about Koala outside of the fact that during his previous life he was a hitman. This prompted him to continue his cycle of existence when he was reincarnated into a Chimera Ant, typically using guns to kill people.


Chimera Ant arc

Koala was a soldier under Meleoron's command, but disapproved of Meleoron's pacifist attitude. He generally does not take part in the war between the Hunters and Chimera Ants. After Meleoron has gone individual, he is presumably free from any duty.

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Koala is last seen talking with Kite, who now highly resembles the girl he killed while searching for the Queen's fodder, soon after the chairman election. It is revealed that he originally killed the girl not due to blood thirst but to save her from further torture by his fellow Chimera Ants. He's ordered by Kite to join his expedition troop and protect her as a way to compensate for what he has done as both a human and a Chimera Ant.

Abilities & Powers

Koala's Gourd
Koala refilling after attacking
XScarAdded by XScar

Koala is able to spit water in a bullet-like fashion. He uses a gourd as a canteen in order to always have supply on hand.[1]


  • Koala shares the same voice actor whom also voices Ikalgo and Gotoh in the 2011 anime.


  1. Hunter × Hunter - Volume 19, Chapter 189
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