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"Stuff smaller than dust particles to our eyes can give out energy, for millions of years, to keep us alive. DNA is tiny and it contains an amazing amount of information in its double helix. It seems small things, infinitesimally small things, are needed to build the entire universe. The size of a thing has nothing to do with its power. The soul is probably small, but it has the energy to reincarnate itself."

— Koala[1]
2011 | Manga

Koala anime





Manga Debut

Chapter 189

Anime Debut

Episode 79 (2011)

Japanese Voice

Kenyuu Horiuchi



Hair Color

Purplish Pink

Eye Color



Hitman (Former)
Chimera Ant Solider (Former)
Kite's Companion (Current)

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Koala (コアラ, Koara) is a former Chimera Ant Soldier in Meleoron's Squadron, and is now a companion for Kite (Chimera Ant).


Koala looks like a small bipedal koala with pink fur, fluffy round ears, a big round nose and four black spots on his forehead that vaguely resemble an insect. He has small, round eyes with light brown sclera, irises and pupils. He wears a black tuxedo over a white shirt, a dark tie and a pair of striped, clown-like shoes.


Koala is stoic, keeping a straight face at nearly all times, but he is actually capable of feeling deep emotions and deciphering them with only apparent detachment. He has an extraordinary strength of mind, which allowed him to retain the memories from his former existence. Before dying, Koala had a complete disregard for human life, and made a living as an assassin. However, following his rebirth as a Chimera Ant, he developed a belief in reincarnation, although in a lay, nearly scientific way. This caused him to discover that every life has a worth. Apparently retaining a significant part of his memories, he chose to kill all the humans he met swiftly. Although his fellow squadron soldiers thought him ruthless, he actually did it to spare the victims the pain and tortures they would have suffered at the hands of the other ants. However, out of fear for his own life, he never tried to defend a human, which has caused him to feel a strong sense of guilt towards Kite, since he is the one that murdered a girl that greatly looks like him. He was ready to give up his life for it, but accepted to serve the reborn Hunter instead.


Not much is known about Koala outside of the fact that during his previous life he was a hitman. This prompted him to continue his cycle of existence when he was reincarnated into a Chimera Ant, typically using guns to kill people.


Chimera Ant arc

Koala was a soldier under Meleoron's command, but disapproved of Meleoron's pacifist attitude. He generally does not take part in the war between the Hunters and Chimera Ants. After Meleoron has gone individual, he is presumably free from any duty.

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Koala and Kite

Koala speaks to Kite

Koala is last seen talking with Kite, who now highly resembles the girl he killed while searching for the Queen's fodder. Soon after the chairman election, it is revealed that he originally killed the girl not due to blood thirst, but to save her from further torture by his fellow Chimera Ants. He's ordered by Kite to join his expedition troop and protect her as a way to compensate for what he has done as both a human and a Chimera Ant.

Abilities & Powers

Koala's Gourd

Koala refilling after attacking

As a Chimera Ant, Koala is stronger than normal humans, and probably even more powerful than average soldier ants. His exoskeleton is so durable that he only got scratched after being clubbed with a tree trunk, whereas the log broke in half. On that occasion, he also demonstrated a good sense of balance and a certain degree of strength in his legs, since he did not even stagger after the hit. He detected Meleoron when the latter was invisible, showing he is very perceptive. He has an exceptionally strong will, since he retained most of the memories from his former life, if not all of them. This probably means he still has the experience and techniques he gathered as a hitman. Koala's fighting style revolves around his ability to spit fluids (water or liquor, it is unclear, but likely irrelevant) in a bullet-like fashion. The fluid is very compressed, as proven by the fact that an abundant quantity of it pours out of the nose, mouth and eyes of the target if they are hit in the head. Koala uses a gourd in order to always have supply of liquid on hand.[2] He is very accurate, seemingly always hitting precisely where he intends to. It's currently unconfirmed if he can use Nen, although it is likely.


  • Koala shares the same voice actor whom also voices Ikalgo and Gotoh in the 2011 anime.
  • As a human, only his silhouette was seen in the manga. However, the black suit matched with an equally black fedora and the fact he is shown wielding one gun may imply his appearance was inspired by Reborn's true form from the Katekyo Hitman Reborn franchise.


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