Taloon (コネルト, Koneruto) is the organizer of the Preview Market in Yorknew City where items that cannot make it into the official catalogs are sold, because of the lack of time are auctioned.[1]


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Yorknew City arcEdit

When Gon, Killua, and Zepile arrive at the Preview Market Taloon introduces himself to the group as the organizer at the market. After examining the valuables shown to him by Zepile, Taloon praises the valuables quality and condition. Interested in the valuables himself, Taloon makes an offers buying them for 250 Million Jenny Currency Symbol, but Zepile refuses. Although saddened by the refusal Taloon understands, he has a chance to gain a the valuables at a greater value at the auction. He then leads the group to the Preview Floor and while leaving, he signals someone.[1]


  • Taloon does not appear in either anime adaption.
  • He resembles the character Torneko Taloon from Dragon Quest IV, of which his name is based off of.
    • The Viz translation changed his name into the character's surname.


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