Kosofftro (コズフトロ, Kozufutoro) was a Greed Island player and was a member of the alliance between various players formed by Nickes.[1]


Kosofftro wore a broad-brimmed hat and carried a sword.[1]


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Greed Island arcEdit

Kosofftro sits in a forest located near the base all day, so that people can use him as a checkpoint and reach him with Magnetic Force and Accompany cards, thus allowing members to go to the base. Jispa uses an Accompany card on himself and the new recruits to transport them to Kosofftro. Arriving at Kosofftro's location, he welcomes them and introduces himself. [1] Because Genthru attached his bombs on all of the members of the alliance,[2] it can be assumed that Kosofftro is dead.[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit


Due to being able to access Greed Island, Kosofftro is capable of utilizing Nen.[4]


  • Kosofftro doesn't appear in the 2011 anime adaptation of the series.


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