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Kukuroo Mountain HxH 2011

Kukuroo Mountain



Kukurū Maunten

Location Statistics
Located in

Dentora Region, Republic of Padokea

Controlled by

Zoldyck Family


Zoldyck Family
Zoldyck Family servants

Manga Debut

Chapter 37

Anime Debut

Episode 32 (1999)
Episode 22 (2011)

Kukuroo Mountain (ククルー=マウンテン, Kukurū Maunten) is a dormant volcano located in Dentora Region of the Republic of Padokea. It stands 3,722 meters above sea level (making it roughly the size of real world Mount Fuji) and is where the infamous Zoldyck Family lives. The family owns the mountain and the land around it is surrounded by huge stone gates.[1]

The foot of the mountain is covered by a dense jungle and typically surrounded by thick clouds. It is said that the Zoldyck mansion is on the peak of the mountain. The Zoldyck Family's yard encompasses the entire area, starting from the Testing Gate up to Kukuroo Mountain.[1]


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