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Kurta Elder movie
Kurta Clan Elder
Japanese Voice

Issei Futamata

English Voice

Paul Stewart

Manga Debut

Kurapika's Memories Part One

Anime Debut

Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge


Male Male

Eye Color

Scarlet (When angered)

Hair Color




Previous Affiliation

Kurta Clan

Previous Occupation

Kurta Clan Leader

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The Kurta Clan Elder was the leader of the Kurta Clan.[1]


The Kurta Clan elder dons a green-colored Kurta garb with a gold lining. He has a grey beard and gray hair that comes to a spike on the top of his head.[1]


Due to the Kurta Clan's laws, the elder is strict and does not let anyone from the clan go to the 'outside world'. He thinks the outside world is a bad place full of people who will discriminate the Kurta Clan. However, after reading Sheila's book, the elder honestly told Kurapika that it was a good book after all.[1]


Special 1- Kurapika argues with Elder

Kurapika argues with the Elder

The elder was usually pestered by a young Kurapika, who would always ask to go to the 'outside world' and even question their clan's rules. One day, the elder had found the book of Sheila and hid it from Kurapika. The young boy approached him and the elder agreed to give Kurapika a test.[1]

Phantom Troupe message

The message of the Phantom Troupe

Six weeks later, the elder has been killed by members of the Phantom Troupe; the message "We reject no one, so take nothing from us" is left on the corpse of the elder, beside the burning Kurta village.[2]


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