Kurta Pendant
Anime Debut

Episode 18 (1999)

The Kurta pendant is an anime-only artifact that was only in the 1999 anime version of Hunter × Hunter.

Appearance Edit

The pendant looks like a salamander with red and gold coloring and is very expensive.

Plot Edit

Hunter Exam arc Edit


During the bonus stage of the 3rd phase of the Hunter Exam, Kurapika discovers this pendant during the treasure hunt inside a ship belonging to members of the Kurta Clan when they were trying to escape the Phantom Troupe. The ship was destroyed near the shores of Zevil Island. Kurapika presented this pendant to the couple during their stay in Zevil Island to inquire about it. However, the couple did not take it and instead gave him a key to a room for free. Kurapika throws it into the sea where he thinks it belongs.