Latarza (ラターザ, Ratāza) was a Greed Island player.[1]


Latarza stood tall and proud. His purple hair was gathered in a number of upright bunches on his head, his left cheekbone had four large piercings, and his ears were covered by a pair of headphones. The tattoo on his right shoulder was the kanji for "Thunder" (雷) while the one on his left shoulder was the kanji for "Wind" (風). He wore a yellow open armed shirt with grey baggy pants. He also wore knee protectors (with a drop symbol [💧] on the right one and what looked like a flame [🔥] on the left one) and wrist protectors.


Latarza had a mean streak, as he was not only willing to prey on two young newbies, but he also taunted them repeatedly for their ignorance of the game mechanics, to the point of bursting into laughter when Killua tried to dodge a spell.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

Latarza Preparing To Attack Gon & Killua

Latarza about to attack Gon & Killua

Latarza is the first player Gon and Killua encounter upon entering Greed Island. He teleports to them using a spell and immediately takes control of the situation. Deducing from his surroundings and their actions that Gon and Killua are rookie players, Latarza confirms it by casting "Peek" on Killua, who in fact has no cards in his free slots. To keep track of what cards the boys obtain in the future, but unwilling to waste "Cling" on a kid, he uses "Trace" on Killua and becomes amused as Killua tries to outrun the spell. After it hits Killua, the boy emanates a fierce bloodlust and demands to know what Latarza did to him. Sensing his power, Latarza uses "Return" to flee to Masadora.[1]

Latarza 2011

Latarza escapes back to Masadora

Phantom Troupe members Feitan and Phinks come across Latarza while scouting the island. Feitan kills Latarza in a single swipe and Phinks checks on his binder. Phinks notes that Latarza had a cheap map, but had a lot of good spell cards like "Collision".[2]

Latarza's name is mentioned on Gon's binder, when he looks to see which players are dead or alive.[3]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Latarza seems to be confident in his abilities, due to using "Collision" to meet other players.[1][2] Since Killua's bloodlust scared him and caused him to flee,[1] he probably considers himself weaker than the boy, and in fact he was single-handedly killed by Feitan.[2]


Due to being able to access Greed Island, Latarza is capable of utilizing Nen[4] and, specifically, Ren.


  • The tattoos on his shoulders refer to Fūjin and Raijin. Coincidentally, Fūjin and Raijin are the basis of Killua's Nen ability "Godspeed".[5]
  • His headphones are of the fictitious brand SOWY (or SOMY in the 1999 anime series adaptation), which is most likely a reference to the real-life brand/corporation Sony. In the 2011 anime adaptation the headphones' brand is not shown.
  • Given Latarza's behavior, his encounter with Gon and Killua, and the setting of the Greed Island arc, it would appear he is a depiction of and a reference to video game trolls and griefers.


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