Leap GI Card 1014
Card Info

Name (EN) Leap / Leave
Name (JP) 離脱
Name (JP)
Number #1014
Rank B
Transform 30
Class 1 Short Range Spell
Class 2 Regular Spell
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Departure Sightvision

Leave (離脱) (リーブ, Rību) is a spell card that can be found in the Greed Island game. It forces the target player to be transported out of the game.

Card InfoEdit

Type: Spell Card G.I Spell Card - Border
Name: Leave 離脱


Number: #1014
Rank: B

Transformation: 30

Class Short Range Spell
Regular Spell
G.I Spell - ShortRange
G.I Spell - Regular
Card Effect: Makes the target player leave the island.
How to Obtain: (unknown)


Leave 離脱 - allows either the user or forces the target player to leave the game. It can be used as a threat to other players since leaving the game and re-entering can be a real hassle, especially when you return at the starting point and all your card data is erased. It can also be used for the user to exit the game without having to use the traditional method.

Card DescriptionEdit

[Jap] No.1014 :: 離脱


[Eng] No.1014 :: Reflection

Make 1 target player fly outside of the island.

Card FormsEdit