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"Why? Because it's fun. Duh. With humans you can tell what they are thinking the instant they die. Once you have had a taste you cannot get enough."

— Leol[1]
2011 | Manga

Leol anime





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Jiro Saito

Manga Debut

Chapter 192

Anime Debut

Episode 81 (2011)


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Chimera Ant Squadron Leader




Rental Pod「Favor Issuing Machine」

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Leol (レオル, Reoru) was a Chimera Ant that resembled an anthropomorphic lion. Before the death of the Chimera Ant Queen, he was known as Hagya (ハギャ, Hagya) and was one of the more particularly disloyal squadron leaders. However while he was alive, his own squad was fully loyal to him.[1]


Leor sitting

Leol's appearance

Leol resembles a very large male lion, and is one of the few Chimera Ants that wears clothes. He wears sandals and a necklace adorned with a human skull, and he has a paw print mark where his eyebrows are supposed to be. Leol's body also bears tiger stripes all over.


Leol, for the most part, is a very calm and collected Chimera Ant. He does, however, have a cruel side to him. He, like many Chimera Ants, enjoys killing humans, and even remarked that killing them is highly addictive. Leol is also socially proficient, which is displayed through the tactics he employs to gain other people's Nen abilities. He was one of the few Chimera Ants, who were not particularly loyal Squadron Leaders, that would kill more humans than they brought to the Queen.[1] Leol also doesn't want anyone to know about his Nen ability, although he does show it to Bloster, Welfin, Hina, and Flutter. However, he lies about how it actually works. Aside from this, Leol can also be laid-back at times, as he does seem to enjoy listening to music.


Not much is known about Leol's past, except that he remembers his past life as a lion. It is unknown if he even remembers his past life as a human, or even if he ever had one to begin with.[2] Before the Queen died giving birth to the King, Leol was one of her Squadron Leaders who deliberately kept humans for himself to eat. After witnessing the Queen's death, Leol, like many of the other Squadron Leaders, left the chimera ant colony and tried to start his own kingdom.[3]


Chimera Ant arc

When Rammot confesses to his superior Colt that Hagya (What Leol was known by at the time) and Cheetu that despite being Squadron Leaders both keep hunting and killing humans and leave the corpses behind, which contrasts what Colt does who brings his human prey back alive. Later when Colt accompanied by Peggy confronts Hagya and Colt to inquire why they hunt and kill the human prey, Hagya responds because it's fun. Hagya goes onto say that the fact that humans have the ability to communicate makes it so much more fun and how you can find out what they're thinking when they're on the verge of death. Hagya also admits that it's also very addicting killing them.[1]

Colt then asks Cheetu if this is true for him as well, but Cheetu tells him that he misunderstands the situation and that they've both turned in enough human prey to fulfill their respective quota. Cheetu also explains that they both are simply using their free time to hunt since they enjoy it. Peggy then intervenes and brings up the point that they're having fun with the Queen's vital food supply. Hagya then brings up the point that even though the prey maybe vital to the Queen, in the end they're just trash and Cheetu and him are just cleaning out the worthless trash and then asks if that's a problem. Colt then asks Hagya if he's aware of the "Rare Kind" of prey, to which Hagya asks if the kind that have a lot of life energy and if so he hasn't yet.[1]

84 - Leol, Flutter and Hina introduction

Hagya with his two most loyal Officers

And to get Colt off his back Hagya promises that if finds any Rare Prey he'll give it to the Queen and that he'd talk with Rammot to calm him down a bit. Colt then orders Hagya to respect the rules to which when Colt is out of sight mutters that he'd never respect the rules and then says that he's going out on a hunt again to find and eat some Rare Prey.[1] Later Hagya along with his two most loyal officers Hirin (Later known as Hina) and Flutter track Squadron Leader Yunju's signal. Flutter notes that his signal has vanished and states that he's probably dead. Hirin then says that even tough there's only three of them they must be tastier than the other kinds of prey they've had. Hagya then tells the both of them that this is the Rare Prey they've heard about and at any rate they have a reason now to go hunting and catch them by the factory where Yunji was at. As Hagya tells them that it's time to head out Hirin proclaims that she'll going stuff herself.[4]

Hina and Leol

Hagya with Hirin

Hagya then sends out a telepathic message to his Squad out in the field that high quality food has been discovered near the factory where they are and that and orders them to go and capture the prey dead or alive. Flutter then asks if the humans would be able to kill the squadron they sent after them, but Hagya assures Flutter that most of ants in the squadron are officers so it should be a tough battle. Hirin then brings up the point that they may not listen to each other, which is fine with Hagya since they're only buying time until they arrive.[4] It's later shown that after Kite using his Crazy Slots to Conjure a Scythe, which annihilates all of the members in Hagya's squad, Hagya is shown witnessing the event as a it folds out.[5]

Hagya then reminisces about his past as a lion and notes how one's own claws and teeth, were once considered an important asset. And just by waving them effortlessly, one could end the lives of others and filling one's empty stomach was the greatest satisfaction, one could ever have. However things aren't like that anymore, since even those on the top have someone above them and he himself has never been on top of the summit, and instead of dying he realized this and became stronger. As Hagya contemplates this to himself Kite and Gon both notice Hagya and his officers. Hagya then tells Flutter and Hirin that they're falling back, much to Hirin's dismay who wanted to have a feast, but Hagya admits that in their current state they have no chance of beating them and notes to himself that learning and adapting is their best weapon that they have.[2] It's later revealed that Leol is one of the fourteen Squadron Leaders to be left alive.[6]

After the King is born and he kills and devours both Peggy and Turtle. Bihorn, Panda, Cheetu, and Alligator talk amongst themselves on what they should do next. Hagya giving off a cold snicker appears to the group accompanied by Zazan and says that isn't the situation obvious? Since the Queen lost her ability to give birth, then it's impossible for her to create a new kingdom now and as such they can all go on their own individual paths and strive to become their own king. Rammot, Pike, a Spiky Ant, Flutter and Hirin all then appear in back of Hagya and Zazan as Hagya then states that they're going to do what they so please.[3]

Bihorn then argues does Hagya even know what he's talking about and that he'll be left to do what he so wishes? Hagya then brings up the point that he's not the only one that wants to leave the nest, must to Bihorn's dismay as he realizes that Meleoron, Mantis, Welfin, Bloster, Cheetu, and Alligator all want to leave the nest as well, which leaves Bihorn and Panda speechless. Hayga then states that Bihorn should get it through his thick head and that it's evident on which side is out numbered.[3] Hagya is later seen by himself, scouring an area possibly looking for a place where he could make himself his own personal kingdom.[7]

Sometime after Hagya left the Chimera Ant nest he makes an appearance on the TV where he's mentioned by a newscaster where he was interviewed by a Freelance Reporter. It's said by the newscaster that the Lion man's (Hagya) interview with the Freelance Reporter was the most explicit example of the fact that the Chimera Ants can talk. The interview itself took someplace in Nevaska and the newscaster mentions that not only did the Lion Man pose for the camera, but had no qualms about being interviewed at all. During the interview the Lion Man talked about his so called embarrassingly immature plans for his own kingdom.[8]

While the Freelance Reporter who interviewed the Lion Man, patiently listened to his rants she eventually asked him the question that was on everyone's minds, "Can you prove at this moment that you are what you really claim to be?" And the newscaster then tells that those were her final words as she was immediately killed after this. And to avoid any other casualties she issues the follow warning to everyone. The Freelance Reporter's upper body was bitten off by the Lion Man in one bite, something that a person in a costume cannot possibly do.[8] Sometime after Gon and Killua infiltrate the Republic of East Gorteau Neferpitou, Menthuthuyoupi, and Shaiapouf as they discuss amongst each other what they should do as many of the soldiers Neferpitou has out in the field are being taken out by a certain someone.[9]

While Neferpitou desires to go and check it out Shaiapouf disagrees with the plan and suggests that they should follow their duty which is to stay with the King. So Hagya whom goes by the name of Leol now, appears in front of the Royal Guards accompanied by Flutter and Hirin and tells them that it must be their turn. Leol tells the Royal Guards that he and his subordinates owe them a debt for taking them in and healing their wounds after they were hunted and wounded by Hunters and even teaching them how to use Nen. So now it's their turn to repay their generosity towards them.[9]

Neferpitou tells them that someone is going around taking out his "Dolls" and asks them if he could take care of the problem, to which Leol tells him to leave it to him. Neferpitou then gives Leol a Cell Phone since the Royal Guards don't use telepathy and it would update them on the target's position when it finds out and will tell them through the phone, Leol and his subordinates say "Roger" and then head off. Menthuthuyoupi asks Neferpitou if it's ok to trust them, to which Neferpitou replies that it doesn't them at all, but they seem to want to gain their trust and they'll risk their lives to complete their mission. And if all goes well they'll constantly look for a chance to try and stab them in the back and if it comes to that, then they'll be dealt with accordingly, nothing more nothing less.[9]

While out on the field scouting the area from above, Flutter spots two suspicious humans Knuckle Bine and Shoot McMahon. Flutter then contacts via telepathy Leol and tells him that he's spotted a suspicious group of two and asks what he should do. Leol then replies to let them be, since they're not the target prey, they shouldn't do anything unnecessary. Flutter responds that he understands and tells him that the two of them are waiting to ambush Cheetu, which surprises Leol. Flutter then questions, if he was in the right to help Cheetu out of being ambushed. Leol then inquires where Cheetu is heading and Flutter responds that he took a detour and is heading towards the capital and he said to thank you to Leol, much to Leol's pleasure as he says to himself, Cheetu now owes him.[10]

Leol's phone then rings and he answer's it. Neferpitou then tells Leol that there's been a disturbance in Luoton City and then tells him to go north and wait there for him, but this is based purely on his intuition; Leol understands and then hangs up the phone. Later Leol manages to catch up with Cheetu and begs his pardon for stopping him, but Cheetu assures him he was on the way he was going, which is to see the King. He also mentions that Flutter saved him and doesn't want to get into a fight at the moment. Leol compliments Flutter for his action and then inquires what the thing floating by Cheetu is. Cheetu replies that it's something a Hunter attached to him, while flicking at it, and continues with that no matter how hard he tries to lose it, it won't go away and has now simply given up.[10]

Cheetu also explains that at least it doesn't do anything annoying, but Leol then asks him if he would like to get rid of it. Cheetu then asks if he could do it, to which Leol responds probably. Cheetu sensing there's more to this inquires that if this won't be a free job, to which Leol smiles and tells Cheetu, he catches on quick. Leol then explains that they're on a job that the Royal Guards have given them and mentions that if he could lend them a hand... but before he could finish. Flutter contacts Leol telling he's found the target and that he's heading north in the forest along the the national highway northeast of Luoton City.[10]

Leol compliments Neferpitou's intuition out loud and orders Flutter not to let the target out of his sight and to deploy all of his men to trap him, Flutter then confirms the order. Leol then explains to Cheetu that they're chasing a human whom he thinks is a Hunter. Cheetu displeased by the fact that they're going after a Hunter, since they're a pain in the ass in his opinion, but Leol assures him that they'll go to the castle first and get rid of the thing that's attached to him and give him a new power. Leol then explains that Shaiapouf will help him find an ability that's perfect for him and teach him how to use it. Leol then tells Cheetu that if he's lucky he'll be able to master an ability in 1 day, but for him being a slow learner it took him 3 days to master his ability.[10]

Intrigued by this, Cheetu tells Leol that it sounds very tasty~ and asks all he has to do is submit his loyalty to the king. Leol confirms Cheetu's intuitive comment and comments that it's that simple. Cheetu then asks that all he has to do is say yes to whatever they may ask and Leol compliments him, saying that he catches on fast and tells him that if he agrees with what he told him then head to the castle, master his ability, and then contact him. Leol then tells Cheetu that his men will figure out what the prey's abilities are. Cheetu admitting he doesn't have a choice in the matter since he owes him a favor and comments how he is going for all of the tastiest parts for himself as always. Leol snickers and tells Cheetu of course, he is and that he may look like he does now, but once he was king of the beasts. Cheetu then thinks to himself, he's still trying to reclaim that entitlement.[10]

After the Ortho Siblings seemingly finish off Killua, Flutter tells the siblings that he will report their efforts back to Leol and strongly push that they get promoted.[11] Sometime after Cheetu gets and masters his ability he confronts Morel Mackernasey in Peijin much to Morel's surprise as he sees that Cheetu has somehow exorcised Knuckle's Potclean. Leol on the other hand spectates the scene from a far away distance, while anxious to see what the both of them got and notes that no matter who wins the one who benefits in the end will be him.[12] After Cheetu activates his ability, Leol notices this and thinks that he doesn't know what kind of ability it is, he does know that they both won't return for at least eight hours. Flutter then contacts Leol reporting to him that he's discovered another intruder in the city that seems like the main culprit. Flutter then describes the intruder as a man with black hair and wears a suit and glasses.[13]

Leol then asks Flutter if there's any others, to which he responds no, just the ordinary white smoke men. Leol deduces that the white smoke men are decoys and the real leader maybe mixed up with them and he wants to not reveal his ability to anyone. Leol then calls Neferpitou, while thinking that Hirin can't make a move, because of Cheetu's Nen exorcism, so in order to isolate the man in the black suit he needs the help of two other people. When Neferpitou hears the current situation from Leol, it sends over Bloster and Welfin to help him.[13] Flutter then contacts Leol again reporting that the man in the suit is heading towards the palace while observing his surroundings and also tells that the "Dolls" don't seem to be a match for him.[14]

Flutter also states that he's beaten all of the soldiers thus far with his hand to hand combat techniques. Leol telling Flutter ok, then orders him to let me know his ability right away the moment he uses any kind of ability. Leol then thinks to himself that he'll have Welfin and Bloster take care of the man in the suit when they arrive and he'll check out their abilities as well.[14] Later when Bloster and Welfin finally meet up with Leol as he tries to contact Flutter, but to no avail, since unbeknownst to them he was taken out by whom they call the man in the suit. Bloster feeling impatient felt that they've waited long enough, since he's not coming at all. Welfin then states they need a change of plans, because without him they can't foretell the enemy location.[15]

Leol curses the situation he's in, because he needs Flutter the most with the situation he's in and calls him useless. Leol then contemplates whether he should give up now, but thinks otherwise, because he wants to withhold his reputation with Neferpitou at all costs. Welfin and Bloster then say they're going back, but Leol stops them and reluctantly says he'll try something. Leol then activates his Hatsu the Rental Pod. Welfin then inquires Leol if that's his ability, to which Leol tells him it is and it has a search ability and requests that they don't tell anyone about it, because the only reason he's showing it in front of them is because he trusts them. But Leol thinks to himself that Welfin and Bloster are both idiots and like hell would he tell the truth to them.[15]

Leol looks on his Rental Pod for Flutters name and finds it. Leol then tells Bloster and Welfin that Flutter's alive and thinks to himself that he might not be able to be contacted because, either he's passed out or is too far away, but Leol is glad that Flutter's not dead yet. Leol then states that he can probably contact Flutter eventually and once Flutter's Hatsu Satellite Dragonflies, locates the man in the suit they'll begin the plan. Bloster then says that him and Welfin will take care of the trash while he takes care of the guy in the suit. Welfin then asks Leol if he'll be alright doing this all alone. Leol however assures them he'll be fine doing it alone, since he doesn't want to reveal his ability no matter what.[15]

Leol thinks to himself while using his Rental Pod to bring up Flutter's name again that he will successfully complete the mission and that he can't be tied down in a place like this. Leol then prints out a ticket from his Rental Pod and then rips it up to initiate Flutter's ability. Leol then tells Bloster and Welfin that the Satellite Dragonflies have arrived and then it's time to start the search. Leol also thinks to himself until the day the King owes him a favor he will pursue his goal until the end.[15] When the Satellite Dragonflies Leol thinks to himself that he found them and deduces that Cheetu must of failed. Leol then tells Bloster and Welfin he's got the targets in sight and then laughs at the fact that they're splitting up and says they should head on out and that their target has changed to the Pipe Guy.[16]

106 - Leol and Morel at the underground church

Leol confronts Morel

Although not shown Leol apparently chased Morel around Peijin and into a large and spacious underground church. Leol laughs and mocks Morel about his lack of knowledge of the area and states that from all of his running he did he reached a dead end, but admits that the underground church they're fighting in, seems a bit too scripted. He then tells Morel that the place they're fighting in was once a shelter used in emergencies and is the perfect place to go buck wild, before Morel dies. Leol then tells Morel that he can pray all he likes, but its to his own choice since he's an atheist. Morel then notes Leol as a laid back person, but then thinks to himself that he'll see the one that's cornered and then actives his smoke Hatsu, covering the floor with his smoke.[17]

106 - Leol's Rental Pod

Leol showing his Rental Pod

Leol mentions that he heard about Morel's ability from Cheetu, while Morel thinks to himself that he lured him down there despite knowing about his ability. Morel then considers himself lucky since guys who think that things are going things are going according to their plan don't hesitate revealing their abilities, but Morel assures himself that there's no other ability that he's meet anyone with an ability that's more versatile than his Deep Purple. Leol then holds up his Rental Pod, showing it to Morel. Morel then thinks to himself that he's getting all tingly and that he just can't stop, but also states to himself that it's more proper to defeat your enemy before he/she reveals his/her abilities, but this is not the case in this situation, since it's a man's war.[17]

Leol then plugs in some earphones into his Rental Pod and puts them into his ears. Morel then asks him what he's doing, noting that they're earphones and also asks if he's purposely tying down one of his five natural senses. Leol with a smirks then asks Morel if he's heard of the band "Black Planet" and admits that their second album is super cool. Leol goes onto say that there's twelve tracks on the album that run without a break and after you finish listening to it your left with a soothing and uplifting feeling, like when you read a good novel. Morel getting rather tense reluctantly answers he knows.[17]

Leol then admits the album is a classic and notes to himself that this is a good thing since the album is an hour long and starts up his Hatsu. Morel on the other hand confesses to himself he's in a bad situation since he has trouble fighting people that have the same interest in him. Leol then activates his Borrowed Inamura Hatsu, which shocks Morel greatly, and Leol states to himself that this is an ability that only can be used on a rainy day. Leol then shouts the word "Tube" that calls forth a great wave of water that sweeps Morel off his feet and nearly submerges him in the water. Leol then asks Morel how's the water since his wave of water managed to wipe out all of his smoke in a single gulp and then goes in to attack Morel with a Harpoon.[17]

107 - Leol's Inamura

Leol goes for the attack

Morel somehow manages to dodge the attack, but still sustains a bloody gash to his chest. Leol laughs and points out the water must be hindering his movements. Leol then asks how his board cuts and tells him that he'll die a more comfortable death if he just doesn't move. Morel furious with Leol confesses that the ability he's using isn't his, but a friend of Morel's. Morel then makes a boat out of smoke. Leol then states that he made a smoke boat and thinks that he can also ride on his smoke as well. Morel then takes a swipe at Leol with his giant iron pipe, but misses. Leol then mocks Morel saying that he thinks he can manage to hit him with his waves he's made, but Morel argues that the ability he's using isn't his.[17]

Morel then takes another swipe at Leol and again misses. Leol starts to rapidly spin around and then shows Morel an original attack he's made, called Tornado Wave. As the wave heads towards Morel he takes in a deep breath and gets sucked into the vortex of the Tornado Wave. As Morel struggles in the Tornado Wave, he notes how strong the current is, while he can't tell what's up and what's down and how dangerous the situation he's in. Morel also notes he also can't move his body whatsoever. With Leol at a disadvantage by restraining Morel's movements, he flies into the air with his surfboard and readies himself to finish off Morel with a single strike from his Harpoon. Leol also notes that his Harpoon released at the speed of sound could even penetrate a deep swimming whale, from the sky.[17]

But when Leol was going to throw his Harpoon he notices that Morel is nowhere in sight. Leol then lands back on the water and contemplates how Morel could do such a feat when he was being restrained by the whirlpool, which made there be no way to escape. Just at that moment Leol hears a noise from behind him and when he turns around to see what it is, he finds out it's Morel swimming above the water with a smirk on his face. Leol caught off guard by this, inquires Morel how he did it, to which Morel simply responds all he did was exhale. Morel then brags that when it comes to lung capacity, his are 2nd to none in the entire world.[17]

Leol then contemplates that Morel used his exhaled breath like a jet engine and escaped the whirlpool. Morel then makes another boat for himself and says that it's his turn now.[17] Leol repeats what Morel said in a mock-like manner and assures Morel that he won't get another turn in this battle and that he'll just get swallowed up by his waves. Seemingly not paying any attention to what Leol said, Morel then states that during the duration of the battle they've had he's figured out three things. The first being is his ability, he's the type that can use other people's abilities, which thus far Morel's deductions leave Leol unfazed.[18]

Morel then states the second was his earphones and goes onto deduct that they're not related to his ability, but are just their for style or superstition or even he's taking orders from someone. Morel contemplates to himself that if he was using them to enhance his ability by sealing his hearing then there's noway he'd be able to hear what he's saying. Leol still unfazed by Morel's deductions asks what his 3rd deduction was. Morel then bluntly answers his lifespan was it and goes onto explain that the ability he was using belonged to a friend of his named Grachan. Morel noticeably furious at Leol, guesses that he ran into Grachan who was part of the Chimera Ant Suppression Force and defeated him, Morel proclaims that Leol will pay with his life for doing that to his friend and that this is the last day of his life.[18]

Leol tries to calm Morel down saying that he's filled with misunderstanding and bias, since if he defeated someone that wanted to hunt him, then wouldn't it be considered self defense, also he didn't steal the ability he's simply borrowing it for a while. Morel not amused by the fact that Leol said he's simply borrowing the ability for a while, then says that's the most common excuse thieves use. Leol seeing that there's no reasoning with Morel tells him, there really wasn't any use trying to relieve him of any suspicion. Leol also thinks to himself that he'd also like Morel's ability as well, but it's more important that he defeats him first.[18]

Hunter X Hunter - 107 - Large 08-2-

Leol then starts to create a giant wave beneath him and tells Morel that for the both of them, the most important part of the mission is to dispose of their respective opponent and he brings up again that his turn will never come. Leol then uses a move called "Big Wall" that encroaches to Morel as he takes a deep breath. Leol then proclaims that the underground church is all sealed up and he has no choice, but to be swallowed up by the giant wave and try his hardest to get back to the surface after being hit with the Big Wall. Morel now caught in a whirlpool created by the wave struggles to stay in control of himself. Leol then notices something suspicious from the water near where he was at.[18]

Leol then shouts if Morel can get back up from that move and also inquires if he should split his head in two with the board or drill a hole into his abdomen with his harpoon and gives Morel the choice of choosing between the two. Leol on the other hand notes either way the moment he shows his face to the surface it'll be his last. Although time goes by and there was no sign of Morel surfacing from the water. Leol then contemplates that he could have drowned, but denies the fact since he boasted about his lung capacity. Leol rather undeceive thinks whether he should wait ten-twenty minutes until Morel may come up, but again the thought that Morel boasted about his lung capacity being 2nd to none and he may stay submerged like a whale.[18]

The water nearest to Leol started to bubble and so Leol then goes to make a move with a strike from his harpoon. However Leol then notices several other spots starting to bubble near him and soon enough multiple area that started to bubble, to which Leol thought they were spots where Morel could pop up from. Leol then contemplates that Morel could have transformed his smoke into hoses and branched them out and this would make him be able to give away his position either. Leol then yells how long does Morel plan to stay submerged underwater and then asks if he thinks he'd give up and retract his ability.[18]

Leol then contemplates if he's wrong about what he's thinking and that the bubbles are a diversion and Morel plans on escaping from the church. Although navigating through the maze like stairs that lead to the top could be a possibility for someone like Morel. Leol then tries to navigate out of the church since he told Welfin not to do anythings since he wants have all of the rewards to himself. But immediately as Leol finishes contemplating, he stops in place, while grasping his chest, as he starts to feel dizzy and notes his chest feels a little off. Leol then thinks that he's become poisoned and at that moment his board disappears and Leol is submerged in the water and questions if his board disappeared was because of his mental and physical state that he was in.[18]

Leol then sinks underwater while his body isn't able to breath, he questions how the water hasn't dispersed and could it be because the fact they're underground. Leol admitting he's in a bad situation confesses that he wanted to make it seem like he was cornered, but in reality Leol was to corner Morel. However not only did it seem like Leol did, in actuality it was vice versa. Leol then struggling for air, thinks that will he really die in a place like this? Leol then spots Morel at the bottom of the underground church using his pipe and smoke to make a bunch of branch like pipes to act as a hose. Leol then for the last time confirms his suspicion that Morel used his pipe and smoke to breath underwater, but still questions what kind of poison did him in.[18]

Hunter X Hunter - 107 - Large 13-2-

Morel surprised that Leol died as quickly as he did, confesses to the now deceased Leol that he did die from a poison, and it was called CO2, meaning wise Leol died by asphyxiation, due to the cunning strategy put into action by Morel. Morel then states that the moment he attacked he had already been attacking and now that Leol's done and dealt with Grachan should have his ability restored to him.[18]

Leol is briefly mentioned by Ikalgo in Flutter's dead corpse after he and the Chimera Ant Extermination Squadron invade the Palace. Welfin whom keeps a close eye on Ikalgo, whom wonders if he's under orders by Leol or something else. Meanwhile, while Ikalgo tries to use the elevator to go down, he's confronted by Bloster and Cheetu and they inquire him what he's doing. Ikalgo then tells him that he's got orders by "Hagya" to go down to the basement of the palace. Cheetu and Bloster then ask each other what they should do next, but before they could get to a conclusion the palace starts to rumble due to an attack by Zeno Zoldyck's Hatsu Dragon Dive.[19]

Seeing an opportunity to showcase his new move Cheetu runs out to see what the commotion is, while Ikalgo takes the opportunity to use the elevator. After Ikalgo is out of sight Bloster and an illusive Welfin question why Flutter called Leol by his old alias.[19] Bloster later confronts Ikalgo again in the underground of the place as he tries to make a getaway in the truck he's driving. Bloster approaches Ikalgo and asks him if he finished his job for "Hagya", to which Ikalgo responds yes. Amused by the response Bloster then tells Ikalgo that "Hagya" hates being called by his old name and proceeds to shoot his Aura Blast Hatsu at Ikalgo decimating Flutter's corpse. Bloster then notes that he destroyed the fake and then checks the back of the truck to see noting was there, so he then figures he'll just go and ask "Hagya".[20]

Leol is briefly mentioned again when Hina whom now goes by the name Hina is excited that she, Bizeff, and Welfin are all going to Meteor City to find Gyro. Welfin agitated by Hina's enthusiasm to see Gyro calls her a fickle bitch and questions her about her loyalty to Hagya or Leol, to which Hina nonchalantly responds that she doesn't know whom those "Guys" are and that she doesn't care about any dead people.[21]

Abilities & Powers

Being a Chimera Ant, Leol is stronger than an average human. As one of the former Squadron Leaders, he had authority over his underlings, although it is unclear how much influence he retained after the death of the Queen. Even prior to acquiring Inamura, seemingly one of the abilities in his arsenal that he prizes the most, he managed to defeat the possessor of that ability, a Hunter named Grachan, although the circumstances of their fight are unknown.

Enhanced Strength: Due to his lion genes, he has strong jaws, capable of tearing off a grown woman's upper body with one bite. According to him, a throw of his harpoon can pierce a whale swimming deep in the sea, hinting he has both great physical strength and accuracy.

High Intelligence: Leol is adept at conspiring and scheming, moving other Chimera Ants from the shadows to achieve his goals.


Leol is a Specialist. Thanks to Shaiapouf he mastered his ability in three days, although he considers himself slow. He is able to adapt very quickly to his borrowed abilities, identifying their main strengths efficiently and selecting the most suited to the situation; however, he is not as skilled when it comes to recognizing their downsides, since he did not know that the water summoned through Inamura would not recede after disengaging the technique because he was underground.

Leol's Nen Type: Specialization
Type: Specialization Rental Pod (謝債発行機 (レンタルポッド) I.O.U. Dispenser)
Rental Pod 2011 Leol is a Specialist and his Nen ability is called Rental Pod. Leol's Hatsu allows him to temporarily borrow the Nen abilities of other people. Leol must fulfill two conditions for each ability he wants to borrow.
  1. First, he must know the name of the ability or have seen it being used.
  2. Second, he must do the owner of the ability a favor, and confirm acceptance of the debt with a question (along the lines of "You owe me, alright?").
  3. Once Leol fulfills the conditions, the name of the owner, the name of the ability, and the number of times it can be used (once per favor done for the owner) are all automatically recorded in the I.O.U. Dispenser, a small device resembling an iPod.

If the owner of an ability dies, their information is automatically erased from the machine and their ability can no longer be used. To access another's Hatsu, Leol uses the dispenser to print out and tear up a receipt, which grants him use of the ability for one hour. During this time, the ability cannot be used by its original owner.

Type: Conjuration and Manipulation Super Eye (超複眼 (スーパーアイ) Super Compound Eyes)
Borrowed super eye A borrowed ability gained by one of Leol's underlings, Flutter. Super Eye allows Leol to see out the eyes of the Satellite Dragonflies he manipulates for reconnaissance, being able to scout a large area from a safe location.
Type: Conjuration and Manipulation Inamura (TUBE (イナムラ) )
Inamura 2011

Tornave 2011
Big Wall

A borrowed Nen ability Leol uses during his fight against Morel, named after Inamura Point, a popular location for surfing in Japan. The ability was created by a friend of Morel's named Grachan, and can only be used on a rainy day. A surfing board and a trident harpoon are conjured by the user, as huge waves of water appear, seemingly from nowhere. Both the surfing board and trident are razor sharp and are used as weapons. Thanks to them, the user can move freely on the water, while the movements of the opponent are hindered considerably. While this ability is active, Leol can use two techniques, both of whom seem to use Manipulation to control the water:
  • Tornave (渦波 (トルナイヴ) Maelstrom): By spinning the surfboard on the water, Leol generates a vortex of water that he throws at his opponent. The vortex sucks anything nearby into its center, making escape difficult due to the pressure and speed of its rotation. Leol can then use the harpoon to kill the restrained opponent. He claims to have created this ability himself.
  • Big Wall (大波 (ビックウォール) Giant Wave): Leol causes the water underneath him to swell up into a gigantic tidal wave and crash down on anything or anyone in front of it.


  • According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix), Leol's stats are:
Story Arcs Spirit Skill Strength Nen Talent Intelligence
Chimera Ant arc: NGL 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5


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