Leroute (レルート, Rerūto) is one of the prisoners in Trick Tower, used to test the examinees during the 287th Hunter Exam.[1]


Leroute 2011 Design

Leroute's 2011 anime design


Leroute's 1999 anime design

Chap 20 - Leroute

Leroute's manga appearance

Leroute is a beautiful and slender young woman who is short in stature. She has magenta eyes with noticeably long eyelashes and wild pink hair (brown in the 1999 series) which is tied with yellow ribbons in a big ponytail, leaving her two bangs untied.


Although she puts on a reasonable, even cheerful facade, Leroute is extremely manipulative. An expert gambler, she has a perfect poker face and is very perceptive.


Leroute was sentenced 112 years in prison due to illegal gambling and trafficking of endangered species.[1] In the 1999 series, she was a psychologist who would manipulate her patients into committing suicide.[citation needed]


Hunter Exam arc

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Leroute is the fourth prisoner to fight in Trick Tower. She goes against Leorio, but their match is actually a series of bets. After manipulating Leorio, she wins the match and Leorio's team loses 50 hours in the process. Her sentence is also reduced by 50 years.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Leroute is not a fighter, but in the 1999 anime she is very dangerous nonetheless. She is extremely analytical and knowledgeable in psychology, to the point she can nearly read the mind of a person and effectively guess what memories haunt them the most, to use them to inflict pain or even force her victim to commit suicide. She figured out Leorio's thought pattern the moment she set her eyes on him. Additionally, she is very attractive, which contributes to the influence she has on her targets. In the manga and the 2011 anime, she is shown to be a good gambler with knowledge in statistics and who is able to anticipate the moves of her opponent.


  • Hunter Exam arc
    • Leroute vs. Leorio Paradinight (Trick Tower)[1]


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