Linssen (リンセン, Rinsen) is a professional Hunter[1] who also works under the employment of the Nostrade Family as one of Neon's bodyguards[2] and after the death of Squala, becomes the most senior of the Bodyguards.[3]


Linssen 2011 Design

Linssen 2011 Design

Linssen is a skinny man and is usually dressed in traditional Chinese clothing,[2] but later in the series is seen dressed in a formal tie and suit.[4]


At some point during his life, he took the Hunter Exam and passed, becoming a licensed Hunter.


Linssen is very fearful and insecure, which is shown from being absolutely against Kurapika's decision of capturing the member of the Phantom Troupe, Uvogin. When criticized by Mizaistom for being a hunter working for a mafia family, Linssen showed some pride and justified himself, arguing that the income of the Nostrade Family comes from gambling and bodyguarding (both legal) and that the family pays their taxes, so he has nothing to be ashamed of regarding his work.[4]


Yorknew City arcEdit

The Nostrade Bodyguards

The bodyguards get their orders for the night of the Auction

On a private runway at the Lingon Airport, Linssen, accompanied by Ivlenkov, Tocino, Dalzollene, and Squala, kept a close eye on Neon Nostrade as she exited her private airship and got into a car heading towards Yorknew City.[2] On the night of the Underground Auction in the Hotel Beitacle, Dalzollene instructs the bodyguards what items they'll have to buy (regardless of cost) and what each of their respective jobs will be during said auction. Linssen was assigned to guard the back of the Auction house with Basho.[5] Dalzollene briefly mentions Linssen, saying that he'll contact him to inform him of the incident that occurred at the Underground Auction that night.[6] Sometime later, Linssen, along with the other Nostrade Bodyguards, tracks down the thieves of the Underground Auction and witnesses Uvogin kill all of the Mafioso that confronted him.[7]

With all of the Mafioso dead, the Shadow Beasts appear before the Nostrade Bodyguards and challenge Uvogin.[7] During the fight, after Uvogin nearly annihilates the Shadow Beast Worm with his Hatsu “Big Bang Impact”, Linssen exclaims he's never witnessed such tremendous Nen before. After all of the Shadow Beasts have been killed, the Nostrade Bodyguards are shocked that Kurapika desires to capture Uvogin by any means necessary.[8] Melody then intervenes, playing her Hatsu “A Field in Spring”, effectively soothing the group. Still, Kurapika manages to capture Uvogin, and as they head back to the Hotel in Yorknew City, Linssen spots a car trailing them.[9]

Linssen however looses sight of the car after the remaining Shadow Beasts confront the car. Back in the Hotel Beitacle, the Nostrade Bodyguards try to interrogate the restrained Uvogin to find out where the missing auction items are, but to no avail.[10] With Dalzollene presumed dead, after Uvogin was rescued by his Phantom Troupe allies. Linssen along with the other Nostrade Bodyguards all agree that Kurapika should become the new head bodyguard, so he can contact and inform their real boss Light Nostrade of the situation at hand.[11] When Light arrives in Yorknew and is brought up to date with the situation at hand, he thanks the bodyguards for their work and after he has his Daughter out of the picture, he divulges important information to the group about the Underground Auction, Shadow Beasts, and how the Ten Dons plan to deal with the Phantom Troupe.[12]

As soon as Kurapika checks the Hunter Association Website, after locating Neon in the Cemetery Building, he finds a picture of Neon and all of the Nostrade Bodyguards aside from himself and Melody on the website.[13]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

After the death of Chairman Netero, Linssen takes part in the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, held at the Hunter Association.[1]

Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

After the elections, in an undisclosed area owned by the Nostrade Family, Linssen is visited by Mizaistom Nana who wishes to see Kurapika. Linssen informs Mizaistom that Kurapika's away at the moment, and he'll take anything that needs to be delivered to him. Mizaistom, however, decides to stay and wait for him. Three lackeys try and kick him out, but Mizaistom restrains them with his Hatsu. Reluctantly, Linssen agrees to let Mizaistom see Kurapika, but warns against provoking him. Mizaistom then inquires about the organization, to which Linssen retorts that the organization isn't involved in any shady dealings. He explains that their main source of income is from bodyguarding and gambling, which are both legal in the country, that they pay their taxes, and all of their paperwork is up to date.[4]

Finally making an appearance, Kurapika comments about the noise they all made. Mizaistom then formally introduces himself to Kurapika and requests he join the Zodiacs. Kurapika refuses and becomes enraged after Mizaistom mentions the Scarlet Eyes, but cools off when he learns he knows who has the final ones. Linssen remarks that Kurapika has been having a tough time trying to find the remaining Scarlet Eyes, so, in exchange for information on the Scarlet Eyes, Kurapika agrees to join the Zodiacs and go with them to the Dark Continent.[4] Days after Kurapika joins the Zodiacs, Linssen contacts Kurapika to inform him that the Kakin Empire website is recruiting bodyguards for the trip to the Dark Continent with a total of 6 requests.[14]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Linssen has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. He has considerable prowess as proven by the fact that he successfully retrieved an item as part of a test required in order to be hired as Nostrade's bodyguard.


Linssen's Nen type is unknown. He is at least capable of using Gyo.[4]


Basho and Linssen
  • During the Eighth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, Linssen sat next to Basho in the Hunter Association auditorium and watched the remaining candidates advise the audience on who they should vote for and held a debate with one another after their speeches.[15]


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