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Hirofumi Nojima (1999)
Chika Anzai (2011)

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Abby Trott (2011)

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Chapter 183

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Episode 92 (1999)
Episode 75 (2011)


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Blue (1999)
Green (2011)

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List (名簿) (リスト, Risuto) is one of the game masters and creators of the game Greed Island.[1] He lives in the castle of Greed Island along with Dwun, in the game's capital city, Limeiro.[2]


Lis G.I Design (2011 Anime)

List is a short man with messy blond hair and wears a purple dress shirt with a small blue tie. He also has black dress shoes with black pants and overall straps.


Greed Island arcEdit

Ging's Friends And True Friends

List and Dwun introduce themselves

List cordially welcomes Gon to Limeiro, upon entering his castle.[2] He then leads him to his associate Dwun's room where he introduces to Dwun to him. Dwun presents Gon with the Ruler's Blessing (G.I card) and informs him that Ging has nothing to do with the game anymore, to which List suggests they move onto the next event. Dwun then presents Gon with a binder that he can use to take 3 cards into the real world and teases him on what ending he'd like, making List scold Dwun for doing so. With the game business out of the way, List finally introduces himself and Dwun as friends of Ging. List also reveals that the G.I. Game Masters first letter to their individual first names' make up the name of the game, Greed Island.[1]

Ging made the G, Razor made the R, the two women that introduce the players to the game Eeta and Elena make the two Es, while List makes the L and Dwun makes the D. List also mentions a parade will be held in Gon's honor for completing the game and afterwards they'll go to the harbor where he'll choose what three cards he'll take out of the game. Dwun tells Gon the story about how his name was changed from Wdwune to simply Dwun by Ging so there would a D in Greed Island. List expresses that Dwun's name was changed in less than a minute, simply using a computer and phone, and with his name change, his luck apparently changed for the better as well.[1]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

List and Dwun taking part in the election

List votes

List appears again with Dwun to vote for a new chairman.[3] He's seen again later with Dwun, and others visiting Gon in the hospital.[4] At the start of the Eighth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman held in the Hunter Association Auditorium; List sits next to Ging and Dwun in the front row.[5] Before the top 4 candidates start their debate amongst themselves List is seen using his phone.[6] During the Ninth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, when Gon appears after making a full recovery; Dwun waves at Gon, while List points at Ging, much to Ging's dismay.[7] After Gon spots his father List smirks with Dwun at Ging, whom seemingly loathes the two for pointing him out to his son.[8]


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