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Loberry (ロベリー, Roberī) is one of Prince Kacho's maids during her voyage in the Black Whale to the Dark Continent.[1]


Loberry dresses in a standard maid's robe.[1]


As Prince Kacho's maid, she resents Kacho for her personality and deems herself lucky for getting away from the room for a while.[2] She showed to be a little high strung during the encounter with Silent Majority.[3]


Succession Contest arcEdit

She and her fellow maids and bodyguards witness Kacho's outburst on the meal prepared for her. Disgruntled, she whispers to her colleague Yuri if only they are assigned to Fugetsu. In reply, a bodyguard wonders why both princes are so different given that they are twins.[1]

Prince Kacho sends Yuri and Loberry to attend Kurapika's two-week teaching of Nen. The maids express their delight about being able to get away from Prince Kacho for the time being. Amidst waiting for the teaching to begin, the two maids talk with Prince Fugetsu's maids Ladiolus and Illardia.[2]

Chap 370 - Loberry notices

Loberry notices the masked doll

A mysterious figure, notes that the ability user and Loberry who's being possessed by the doll can see said doll. The moment Kurapika inquires if any of them can already use Nen and two people raise their hands. Loberry asks why would they attend the teaching if they already can to which Yuri has no clue as to why and then she immediately spots the doll. Prince Benjamin's Soldier Furykov notices that Loberry has seen something. Anxious by what she has seen, she tries to point out a mysterious woman wearing a mask, but Yuri, Ladiolus, and Illardia cannot see her. In an outburst Loberry points out the Mysterious Woman, but nobody sees it. At that moment, while everyone is distracted, the Mysterious Woman kills Prince Marayam's bodyguard Barrigen. When asked by Yuri where the "Mysterious Woman" has gone, a bewildered and frightened Loberry has no clue where it's gone.[3]


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