Longhi (ロンギ, Rongi) is a Royal Bodyguard for Prince Tubeppa.[1]


Longhi has fair hair tied back in a long ponytail behind his/her back, and gaunt cheeks. As a Royal Bodyguard, they wear black suit and a tie.[1]


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Succession Contest arcEdit

Chap 370 - Nen Course

Participants of the Nen training

Prince Tubeppa sends Maor and Longhi to attend Kurapika's two-week teaching of Nen. The two remember Tubeppa's order to persuade Kurapika within the two weeks they're there for, in order to be her ally even if it means involving Prince Woble. Maor deduces that a written letter offering an alliance with Kurapika would be best and Longhi concurs, since trying to communicate any other way would pose a high risk of getting intercepted.[1]

After Loberry's outburst, Longhi witnesses Barrigen be killed by a small pack of snakes.[2] The following day, Longhi returns to Room 1014 for Kurapika's lecture. Longhi does not intervene when Maor and Satobi accuse Kurapika of being behind the attacks after Myuhan's death.[3]


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