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Man faced Ape

Man-faced Ape




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Numere Wetlands

Manga Debut

Chapter 8

Anime Debut

Episode 8 (1999)
Episode 4 (2011)

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Man-faced Apes ((じん)(めん)(ざる), Jinmenzaru) are a race of carnivorous primates capable of disguising themselves as humans and mimic human speech.[1]


They reside in Numere Wetlands. They use their deceiving appearance and abilities to lure unsuspecting humans into the foggy wetlands and when their guard is down. The Man-faced Ape and other animals attack and will proceed to devour the humans as they love the taste of fresh human flesh. They must resort to this sneaky tactic due to their lack of strong bodies and are quite weak and must resort to attacks in large numbers when their prey's guard is down.[1]


Hunter Exam arcEdit

The Man-faced Ape is first seen by the 289th Hunter Exam participants after completing the first part of the first phase of the Hunter Exam, i.e the marathon. Two Man-faced Apes were disguised as Satotz, the Examiner at that stage and another man claiming to be the real Hunter examiner, in order to trick the applicants into thinking that Satotz was not the real Examiner, and lure the applicants to devour them. Hisoka tests Satotz and the Man-faced Apes by throwing cards at them. Satotz catches the cards easily while the Man-faced Apes are killed.[1]


  • In the manga and 1999 anime, Hisoka kills both Man-faced Apes,[1][2] while in the 2011 anime, he only kills one of them.[3]


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