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Second lieutenant in the Royal Army
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Maor (マオール, Maōru) is a Second lieutenant in the Royal Army of the Kakin Empire,[1] and the Captain of the Guards of Prince Tubeppa.[2]


Maor has fair hair and square chin. Like the other bodyguards, he wears black suit and a tie.[3]


Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit

Right after Kurapika made the emergency announcement revealing about the Nen Beasts,[4] Tubeppa orders Maor to gather as much information about Nen and Kurapika immediately.[3]

Afterwards, Maor gets in contact with Kurapika and offers an agreement in exchange for information on Nen Beasts. He states that their contact with other Princes does not matter and he would handle all matters of negotiation. He also assures that they would do nothing to break their agreement, unless Kurapika does, then the agreements is cancelled. Maor asks Kurapika to arrive shortly, but Kurapika informs him that one of Prince Benjamin's Private Soldiers is currently stationed outside their room. Understanding the situation, Maor states he would try to get in contact with him again within an hour; and if they fail to answer the agreement is off.[1]

Maor gets in contact with Kurapika again and after hearing that the problem has been resolved he informs him he'll arrive there shortly. Before he leaves he informs Tubeppa of his departure, who in turns warns him that they'll not reveal everything in their meeting, but in meetings held afterwards and to decide how to approach the situation in those other meetings.[5]

Arriving in Woble's Quarters he praises Kurapika's argument with Babimyna. Wanting to get to the point of things he asks Babimyna if it's alright to proceed, regardless of Queen Oito's condition, to which Babimyna shrugs it off. When asked about if he's concerned about the amount of people that will hear about Nen, Maor claims all that matters to him is acquiring information on Nen, which Kurapika thinks he's rather confident. So within the Queen's Room, Kurapika explains the background of the Nen Beasts that the Princes all have and after seeing a cockroach in the room, Bill feigns an attack that manipulates the cockroaches movements. This of course was a ruse for Queen Oito to user Little Eye Nen ability. Bill then demonstrates controlling the cockroach by having it do some flying patterns and then lets it loose through an air vent. Kurapika further explains about Nen and states that it's possible to learn the fundamentals in two weeks and proposes to baptize and teach all of the bodyguards about Nen.[2]


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