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Marayāmu Hoikōro

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Chapter 349


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Kakin Empire


Thirteenth Prince of the Kakin Empire


Nasubi Hui Guo Rou (Father)
Sevanti Hui Guo Rou (Mother)
Momoze Hui Guo Rou (Sister)
Benjamin Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Camilla Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Zhang Lei Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Tubeppa Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Tyson Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Luzurus Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Salé-salé Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Halkenburg Hui Guo Rou (Half-Brother)
Kacho Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Fugetsu Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)
Woble Hui Guo Rou (Half-Sister)

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Marayam Hui Guo Rou (マラヤーム=ホイコーロ, Marayāmu Hoikōro) is the Thirteenth Prince of the Kakin Empire and the youngest son of his father's seventh wife, Queen Sevanti.[1]


Marayam is a small child with short and spiky black hair and widely spaced, vaguely almond-shaped eyes. He is a tad chubby.[1]

Personality Edit

Marayam appears to be fond of his pet hamster, and he carries it with him even to formal events. He also seems to enjoy video games.[2]


Succession Contest arcEdit

Biscuit is accepted to be his bodyguard during the voyage to the Dark Continent.[2] Marayam also presents during the eve before the voyage alongside the other princes, where he is nonchalantly waving at the people while bringing his hamster cage.

Chap 367 - Marayam's room

Marayam and his mother, oblivious to the Guardian Spirit Beast

During the party, he is also distracted by his hamster cage instead of chatting with the guests.[3] His Guardian Spirit Beast is seen during the Guardian Spirit Beast parade that occurred in Prince Woble's room. The next day, he participates to another party along with his Mother, Queen Sevanti.[4] After returning to their lodgings, he is seen clinging to his mother's clothes as she orders most of Momoze's guards to protect him instead.[5] At dinner, Sevanti helps Marayam finish the food off his plate, while they're both oblivious to the large Guardian Spirit Beast behind them.[6]

Later, Queen Oito spies on Prince Marayam and his mother, using her borrowed Nen ability.[7] Marayam, presumably under Queen Sevanti's permission, agrees to send his bodyguards to learn Nen under Kurapika.[8] Queen Sevanti sends Belerainte and Barrigen.[9]

Abilities & Powers Edit

Despite being a member of Kakin's royal family, according to Tubeppa, Marayam has no real political influence or power.[5]


Chap 366 - Marayam Nen beast

Marayam's Guardian Spirit Beast

Like the rest of his siblings, Marayam has received an egg from which a Guardian Spirit Beast, a variety of Nen beast, has hatched to protect him.[1] As a parasitic-type ability, he has no control over it. The Guardian Spirit Beast is made out of aura, thus only Nen users can see and hear it.[10] It is subjected to two rule-like instincts: it is unable to fight other Guardian Spirit Beasts as well as to directly attack the host of one.[5] Its abilities are currently unknown, but it has been observed to grow in size.[6]


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