The Melanin Lizard (メラニントカゲ, Meranin Tokage) is a Greed Island monster that lives in the hills.[1]


It is a large lizard that can swallow a whole cow. It can use its huge body to pin down and kill its victim by suffocation. This lizard has a mole on its back that is very vulnerable to attacks that is hidden by many other spots used as camouflage. Biscuit claims that it is not hard to observe which spot the lizard guards carefully.[2]


Greed Island arcEdit

Right after defeating the Cyclopes, Gon and Killua encounter a lizard.[1] Not being able to defeat it, it keeps chasing them until Biscuit gets rid of it. Later, a second lizard attacks them and again they run, assuming it to be more powerful than it actually is.[2]


Lizard card

A "Melanin Lizard" card

A rank-E card with a 100-card limit and a designated number of 697.

Killua assumed this card's ranking was rank-A after struggling and failing to defeat it on the first try.


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