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I'm the one trying to win your trust, so I have to take a higher risk.


2011 | Manga

Meleoron main





Also Known As

Jail (ジェイル, Jeiru)

Manga Debut

Chapter 189

Anime Debut

Episode 79 (2011)

Japanese Voice

Nobuo Tobita



Hair Color


Eye Color



Chimera Ant Division Commander (former)




Perfect Plan
God's Accomplice

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Meleoron (メレオロン, Mereoron) is a pacifistic chameleon-like Chimera Ant. His defining ability is to make himself invisible. He is an eccentric among Chimera Ants, as he dislikes fighting and killing. His original name as a human was Jail (ジェイル, Jeiru).


Meleoron appearence 2011

Meleoron's anime design

Meleoron has the appearance of a chameleon, has short blonde hair with a matching color shaggy goatee, and dresses in a gray hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants.



In his human life, Meleoron was the foster child of Peggy.


Chimera Ant arc

Melereon and Gon

Gon trusts Meleoron

When his division were hunting humans for the queen, he appeared while one of his subordinates, a Koala Chimera Ant, killed a human telling him that if he enjoys killing so much, Koala should enlist on another division.[1] After the king was born[2] and the queen died, he is one of the division commanders that left the colony.[3] When Gon was on his way to the palace of the Republic of East Gorteau, he sent his soldiers to go after him to test Gon's skills. After Gon beat his henchmen, he decided to form a partnership with Gon to attack the king with the help of his ability the "God's Accomplice," as he was able to remember some of his memories when he was human.

Meruem knocking out Meleoron

Meruem knocks out Meleoron

After he left the colony and found out that Peggy (who was killed by the King)[2] was his foster parent, he wanted vengeance against the king. During the siege on East Gorteau palace, Meleoron mainly assisted Knuckle to secretly place Hakoware on Youpi but also helped Killua and Morel to escape from him. He and Knuckle are knocked unconscious and captured by Meruem while trying to get away from the palace. After the events of East Gorteau, he is seen sitting beside a bedridden Shoot McMahon.

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Shoot and Companions

Meleoron sees the pictures sent by Gon

When Killua brings Alluka to the hospital to heal Gon, Meleoron is seen waiting with Ikalgo and many other of Gon's companions outside. Soon after Gon is healed, he, Ikalgo, Palm, Shoot, and Knuckle see pictures sent by Gon of a flock of Small-Billed Swans flying into the sunset.

Abilities & Powers

Even though Meleoron has the rank of a Squadron Leader, he himself admits his fighting strength is only on par with a common soldier ant. Due to his genetic makeup, Meleoron is able to stick to walls and turn invisible. He is rather proficient at stealth, as he is able to move silently and conceal his smell. However, Koala, Killua and Gon have all managed to sense his presence distinctly, with Koala even managing to pinpoint his location. If remaining unnoticed is of crucial importance, he resorts to his Nen abilities. He is capable of holding his breath for up to two minutes while calm and half that under moderate psychological pressure, provided he remains immobile. However, severe stress may cause this time to be reduced drastically. Meleoron is also fairly analytical, and a good liar.


In addition to Meleoron's natural ability to turn invisible, he also has two secret Nen abilities unknown to other Chimera Ants.

Meleoron's Nen Abilities
Type: Specialization Perfect Plan (神の不在証明 (パーフェクトプラン) God's Alibi)
Perfect Plan 2011 While holding his breath, Meleoron can use an advanced form of his invisibility, becoming not only invisible, but also becoming completely indetectable by scent, contact, or En. According to him, this completely hides his presence to the point where others would simply overlook him inproximity without being consciously aware of it. By using his normal invisibility, Meleoron can lure others into believing he can be detected by non-visual means, and is therefore only a minor threat. Under battle conditions, Meleoron is able to hold his breath for approximately one minute.
Type: Specialization God's Accomplice (神の共犯者 (かみのきょうはんしゃ) )
102 - God's Accomplice 2011 Meleoron's Perfect Plan can in turn be used on any person he is in physical contact with. Meleoron planned to use this ability to defeat the Chimera Ant King, by finding a partner who is able to strike a fatal blow at the Chimera Ant King while hidden.


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