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Tarako (1999)
Miina Tominaga (2011)

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Melanie Risdon (1999)

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Chapter 67

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Episode 45 (1999)
Episode 39 (2011)


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Black (1999)
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Pink (1999)
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Kacho Hui Guo Rou


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Melody (センリツ, Senritsu) is a Music Hunter who befriends Kurapika while the two work as Neon Nostrade's bodyguards.[1]


2011 | 1999 | Manga

Melody 2011 Design

Melody 2011 Design

Melody is short and stocky. She is balding and has straight hair that falls to her shoulders. Her front teeth are pronounced and protrude much like a rodent's. In public, Melody typically wears hats. Her clothes are simple and usually of earthy colors, though occasionally with pale pink accents. She always wears long sleeves and leggings, as the Sonata of Darkness has changed her appearance dramatically; her exposed flesh is warped and lurid enough to make Kurapika flinch.[2] Her appearance before the Sonata changed her is unknown. Presumably, she looked like a normal person before hearing the Sonata.


Melody is a very kind person. She is typically of a calm disposition. Due to her extraordinary hearing as well as natural astuteness, she is very perceptive and caring when it comes to the feelings of others. Her mission is to find and destroy the Sonata, so that no one else will have to suffer the fate that she has. She has a special affection for Kurapika and watches out for him.[2]


Melody is a Professional Music Hunter. Her life changed as the result of one night of drinking with a friend. Having listened to a single movement of the flute solo part of the Sonata of Darkness — (a piece supposedly composed by Satan himself) she was deformed. Her friend, who had played the piece, had his entire body severely mutated and died as a result. Subsequently, Melody gained supernatural hearing; she can hear things as quiet as heartbeats. Her goal is to find the sheet music for the Sonata and obliterate it, so that none suffer the same fate.[2]


Yorknew City arc


Melody watches the TV with the "Boss" on it

Melody is first introduced in a room located in a large mansion with five other applicants wanting to become a bodyguard for a body part collector. The butler in the room then plays a video introducing the supposed boss accompanied by two ladies and when the video is done playing, Melody and the other applicants are then handed a data card listing what body parts are wanted and getting one of the body parts listed is required to pass the test to become a bodyguard. When one of the applicants, tries to leave he notices that the door's locked. The supposed boss then reappears on screen again telling the applicants that he forgot to mention one detail that being, you have to be strong is one of the requirements for the job and to leave the mansion alive. At that moment 11 hooded assailants carrying guns and swords charge through the door.[3]

When two of the armed gunmen assailants shoot at the applicants, Melody and the other applicants are surprised that Kurapika charges in against the assailants and uses his chains to deflect the bullets they shoot at him. Melody for the most part of the assault by the 11 assailants stays near a couch with Tocino. However after Kurapika scopes the area out from above a chandelier realizes what's wrong with the picture, Kurapika leaps down and restrains Tocino with a pin shaped knife and gives him 3 seconds to stop the assailants. Tocino understanding Kurapika's demand does so and the assailants then deflate to the ground.[4]

When Tocino asks how Kurapika knew it was him, Kurapika explains that while he was hiding it well, from above it was obvious since he wasn't the one being attacked. Relieved that he was found out unharmed, Tocino hints that there's another plant (infiltrator) in the room. This makes Kurapika use his dowsing chain to find out whom the plant might be and accuses the applicant Squala of being it. Squala on the defensive denies he's a plant, but Melody confirms he's lying due to the sounds of his heart. Squala continues to deny he's a plant, so Basho steps in and uses his Hatsu Great Haiku, to interrogate everyone to figure out whom the plant is and Squala finally admits he's a plant as well.[4]

Nostrade Bodyguards

Dalzollene instructs the new Bodyguards on their first mission

Melody along with Basho, Baise, and Kurapika return to the mansion each carrying a body part from the data card and Melody choose to get the "Infected Dragon Skin" and brought it to Dalzollene, whom officially recognizes and accepts the four as bodyguards. Dalzollene then explains in great detail about their first job escorting their boss to the Hotel Beitacle located in Yorknew City. Later while walking down a hallway with various paintings hung on the walls, Baise notices a certain one that seems to stick out from the rest and asks Dalzollene the meaning behind that certain one. Dalzollene explains that he was once a bodyguard too and that he was dealt with, due to his negligence to listen to orders and that the four of them are to replace him. Dalzollene then knocks on a door at the end of the hallway and reveals that their boss is a young girl.[5]

Ep42 - Kurapika and Melody

Melody and Kurapika oversee the Underground Auction site

On the night of the Underground Auction in the Hotel Beitacle, Dalzollene gives out his instructions to the bodyguards on what items they will have to buy no matter what the cost. He leaves the responsibility of keeping an eye on the main entrance to Melody with Kurapika.[6] Later that night near where the Underground Auction was being held. Melody and Kurapika keep a close eye on the surrounding area of where the auction is being held. While Melody and Kurapika first talk about the security of the place, Melody then inquires what is with Kurapika's interest with the Scarlet Eyes. When Kurapika questions why she asks that, Melody replies that his heart played the "Melody of Wrath" when he saw a slide that showed a set of Scarlet Eyes.[2]

Kurapika seeing that lying to Melody is useless, admits that he's the last surviving member of the Kurta Clan and his intentions are to find the eyes of his comrades and will take them back no matter what it takes. Kurapika then asks Melody if she'll report what he told her to the boss, to which she gives her word that she won't, since she doesn't wish to die. Kurapika then states that she can figure that much out, while Melody then details that a heartbeat never lies and that Kurapika's heart told her, his emotions were calm and cold at the same time and that his heart also said, "I'll talk, but I don't care what happens." Kurapika then inquires why Melody took her job, to which she says she can say, but there's a chance that she'll lie. Kurapika then details that he'll tell if she's lying by her eyes.[2]

Melody then admits that she's a Music Hunter and that she's hunting a particular music score. Kurapika then states that while she's not lying she's omitting important details. Melody laughs and confesses that she's specifically after the Sonata or Darkness. While Kurapika believes it's just a myth, Melody then shows her arm to Kurapika that makes him cringe. Melody then admits that she and friend once got really drunk and she listened to the first verse of the flute version of the Sonata and her body transformed into what it is that very day while her friend whom played the verse died a horrible death.[2]

Melody confesses that she wishes to return to her original form, even if it means giving up her ability of immense hearing and that she wants to find all of the sonatas and destroy them. Also the reason why she joined the mafia community is to get a hold of some key information on the Sonatas.[2] After the auction started and a bunch of armed men enter the building where it's being held, Melody contacts Dalzollene and informs him for the situation. Dalzollene then tells them both to head into the building to find out what's going on. When Dalzollene is informed of the situation in the building, he then orders everyone to follow and try and capture the thieves.[7]

Melody and Kurapika - ep 44 2011

Melody hears the Wraith in Kurapika's Heart

When Melody accompanied by the other Nostrade Family Bodyguards arrive at the place where the thieves are in the Gordeau Desert they witness Uvogin of the Phantom Troupe massacre the mafia community that dare try and challenge him. As everyone discusses what the should do, Melody hears a faint heartbeat coming from the ground and at that moment, Worm from the Shadow Beasts tunnels up from the ground and is soon accompanied by Porcupine, Leech, and Rabid Dog.[8] The four challenge Uvogin, but get beaten by him.[9] When Kurapika looses his temper and Melody once again hears the "Melody of Wrath" coming from Kurapika. Melody then uses her Hatsu A Field in Spring with her flute and calms Kurapika and everyone else down.[10]

With everyone all calmed down, Melody suggests they think of a plan before they attack. While Kurapika thanks Melody for what she did, he still insists on capturing Uvogin, to which he does with his Chain Jail Hatsu. Melody now sitting in the front seat of a car with Kurapika at the wheel and Squala in the back with Uvogin chained up drive back to Yorknew City. Though during the drive back to the city, Dalzollene calls Melody and warns them they're being followed, so after Kurapika uses Gyo and finds a Nen wired attached to Uvogin Melody tells Squala about and he immediately removes it.[10]

With the danger of being being followed any further thanks to the remaining Shadow Beasts Dalzollene informs Melody that the direction is being changed to the place of Plan C. Later Melody accompanied by the other Bodyguards all gather in a undisclosed room where, Uvogin is restrained to a table. Dalzollene tries to interrogate Uvogin, but to no avail. Uvogin then tells the bodyguards that if they let him go he'll let them all live and also that he and his fellow comrades didn't steal anything, since the vault was empty when they got there, Melody confirms that he's telling the truth. After Dalzollene contacts the mafia community to come pick up Uvogin he tells Squala and Melody they and everyone else can go and rest and that he'll take care of the rest.[11]


Neon is updated on the situation at hand

However after Dalzollene is killed by Phinks and he and some of the other Phantom Troupe members rescue Uvogin, Melody becomes distraught after hearing Uvogin scream.[11] Melody then contacts Kurapika to update him on the situation and asks that he come back as soon as possible. Later at the Hotel Beitacle Melody tries to contact Dalzollene, but to no avail. With all of the remaining bodyguards gathered, they all talk on what to do next and decide to update their "Boss" Neon, on the whole situation. When Neon is updated on the situation, she needs someone to talk to her Father Light Nostrade about the entire situation.[12]

The bodyguards then all discuss whom will talk with Light about the situation at hand and that the person who talks with him will be the new leader, so Melody nominates Kurapika. Since he has best judgement and is the most responsible out of them all. Everyone agrees and so Kurapika updates the situation at hand with Light. Later after Kurapika does some research on the Hunters Association Website, he finds out that there is important information about the Nostrade Bodyguards and the Nostrade Family on there. So seeing the danger in the situation, Kurapika orders Melody to register another room in the hotel under a different name to trick their enemies.[12]

While Melody agrees to the plan she's caught off guard when she figures out that Kurapika will stay behind to take care of Uvogin when he comes after him.[12] Just after Kurapika fights and kills Uvogin, Kurapika calls Melody and tells her that he's finished what he's set out to do and that he'll return soon. Melody then tells Kurapika that Light will finally arrive at the Hotel during that night because of weather conditions.[13] After being updated on the situation and Neon was out of the picture, Light tells the group that the Underground Auction has been rescheduled, he leaves Basho and Melody under their protective care until she's returned to his Mansion.[14]

Later that day Melody and Basho accompany Neon and her attendants on a shopping trip at Ringon Airport, Neon manages to slip out of their sights.[15] Melody then contacts Kurapika and tells him that Neon gave her and Basho the slip and they can't find her.[16] After the rescheduled Underground Auction was held and Neon wakes up from her unconsciousness in a local hospital in Yorknew City, also now the proud owner a of a pair of Scarlet Eyes. Her Father Light meets up with the bodyguards and thanks them for all of their hard work and orders Melody and Basho to take her shopping the next day as well, much to their dismay. While Kurapika looking quite exhausted, Melody tells him he should go and rest, to which Kurapika agrees to do, but still worries Basho and Melody.[17]

The next day Melody contacts Kurapika to tell him that the Mafia Community has cancelled the bounties on the Phantom Troupe due to them being a part of Meteor City.[18] When Kurapika, Gon, Killua and Leorio decide to hunt the Phantom Troupe regardless of the merit of the reward, Kurapika contacts Melody whom is on a shopping trip with Neon, her attendants, and Basho who's ready to lose it. Kurapika then inquires Melody for her help and agrees too. Melody later calls Killua from a building to the left that's a far distance from where Killua is at and introduces herself as a friend to Kurapika and to turn off his cellphone and murmur a command to her.[19]

Melody and Killua - episode 56 2011

Killua and Melody talk with each other

Killua then murmurs Melody to raise her right hand and she does so, Killua then comments that Melody has Immense hearing.[19] After Melody and Killua meet up with each other, Melody tracks the Phantom Troupe's movement and are heading into the city. As the two follow tail the Phantom Troupe, Killua complement's Melody's hearing, while Melody inquires if Killua is an assassin, to which Killua answers that he's a former and asks how she knew. Melody then explains that it's because of the sound of his footsteps are "Estinto" (Silent) and can see why Kurapika is relying on him. They do however loose track of the Phantom Troupe, in a large crowd of people in the start of the city, so Killua scopes out the area from a high up building.[20]

Kurapika and Melody - ep 56 2011

Kurapika and Melody run after the Phantom Troupe

Killua spots the Phantom Troupe heading into the Kastour Station and so Killua and Melody continue to tail them through the subway train and into Ripa Station.[20] When Killua contacts Kurapika telling him that he and Melody are outside the station and informs him that the Phantom Troupe are heading Northwest. Kurapika details that he's following them, much to Killua's dismay. Melody later regroups with Kurapika whom is livid that the Phantom Troupe got away, but Melody scolds him, that because of his reckless nature, he got Gon and Killua captured. Kurapika then trying to regain his composure apologizes for his actions.[21]

Melody sighs, but assures Kurapika that the Phantom Troupe will lower their guard sooner or later and they should just be patient until then. Melody then tries to call Squala, but he doesn't answer his cellphone.[21] After Kurapika captures Chrollo, Pakunoda briefly contemplates about Melody that if she was too tell anyone about the secrets she's learned from Gon and Killua, then Kurapika would later find out and kill Chrollo. Melody is later shown sitting in the front of a car with Leorio at the wheel and Chrollo all chained up and Kurapika in the back. As Chrollo mentions that the entire event is insignificant, due to the fact it wasn't mentioned in Neon's Fortune. Melody tries to stop Kurapika from losing his cool.[22]

After Chrollo gets beaten up by Kurapika after he loses his cool and Chrollo calmly states that he has no value as a hostage and Kurapika thinks he's bluffing, Melody confirms that Chrollo isn't lying. Melody goes onto to state that his heart beat sounds of that not only is it absolutely calm, but also one that's not only has accepted death, but walks with it wherever he goes and is happy about it. Melody then becomes agitated as a result and proclaims that she doesn't want to hear Kurapika's or Chrollo's hearts any longer. Kurapika becomes concerned for Melody as then states that Chrollo believes he has no value as a hostage and is the leader of the Phantom Troupe.[23]

When Pakunoda arrives at the Ringon Airport to negotiate an exchange for Chrollo and Gon also Killua, Melody confirms that the person whom came is the real Pakunoda and as the negotiations take place she quietly watches as it progresses. After Kurapika puts his Judgment Chain Hatsu on both Chrollo and Pakunoda's hearts, Kurapika inquires Melody that if Gon and Killua were being Manipulated would she be able to tell, Melody unsure if she could, but states that she's heard Killua's heart before and could tell if it was abnormal in a way that it was being manipulated.[24]

As Kurapika continues with the negotiations Melody contemplates how Kurapika's heart doesn't match his actions. Since Pakunoda came alone and is willing to negotiate with him an exchange and his thoughts on how the entire Phantom Troupe. That they're a bunch of violent murders that have no qualms against whom lives or dies, but Pakunoda is different she's there because she simply wishes to do the same thing he wishes to do... rescue her friend.[24] When Pakunoda returns to the Ringon Airport with Gon and Killua Melody confirms that she came alone and with the hostages. Later during the hostage exchange Melody confirms that the boys aren't being manipulated and the exchange proceeds.[25]

Greed Island arc

The next day at an undisclosed place in Yorknew City, Zepile inquires Melody how Kurapika's doing and Melody tells him that her flute had no effect on him, so she deducts that he's not under a normal illness due to fatigue. Zepile then says if he doesn't get better within the day they have to call a doctor and that if he can't be sent to a hospital, then he offers to bring a friend of his to help Kurapika, to which Melody is thankful for.[26] When Kurapika finally wakes up he asks for what time it is and Melody says that it's 2 P.M. and it's September 6th, but Kurapika thinks he's only slept for 12 hours.[27]

While Melody states that Kurapika should rest more, he then asks what happened to Neon and did she got to the Underground Auction. Melody informs Kurapika that the Underground Auction was cancelled due to the Phantom Troupe's actions and will no longer be held, while the remaining items will be sold on the internet, which Neon is content with. Kurapika then calls out Melody's bluff about Neon being calm about buying the items on the internet. Melody then explains it's because her attendee Eliza's boyfriend Squala was killed. When Eliza found this out, she had a nervous breakdown and witnessing this, Neon showed some compassion and wanted to go home not caring that the Scarlet Eyes have been also stolen.[27]

When Kurapika and Melody are back at the Ringon Airport take the next flight out of Yorknew City to return to Neon. Leorio pulls Melody aside, asking her to look after Kurapika, because he "opens up to her." Melody willingly agrees and describes Leorio's own heartbeat as comforting and one of the nicest in the city. She then says that he would make a good doctor, teacher, or even professor. Leorio thanks her for the compliment and then Melody leaves with Kurapika, while waving goodbye to Leorio.[28] Melody briefly appears again telling Kurapika that the boss wants to speak with him again.[29]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Hunters visit to Gon

Melody visiting Gon at the hospital

Melody is seen again voting at the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman[30] and was also one of Gon's visitors in the hospital he was confined in.[31] Melody is later seen standing next to Morel Mackernasey as Leorio yells into his cellphone to Gotoh, demanding that he talks to Killua.[32] When Killua arrives with his little brother Alluka Zoldyck at the room where Gon is being treated in, Melody could be seen standing next to Goreinu.[33] Being near to Gon, Melody along the others assists from the outside, feel Alluka's power as it's used to heal Gon.[34] She then accompanies Gon and the others assists, as Gon goes to meet Leorio in the auditorium where all the Hunters were voting for the new chairman of the Hunters Association.[35]

Dark Continent Expedition arc

Melody DC Arc

Melody is recruited by Kurapika to be hired by a Kakin prince as a bodyguard. She is employed by Prince Kacho.[36] When the Black Whale departs, she overhears Kacho's plan to form an alliance with Fugetsu to take down the other princes.[37] She's later contacted by Kurapika, who asks her if she's spotted any Nen Beasts, but she claims she hasn'ty.[38]

Abilities & Powers

Melody has all the benefits granted by her status as a Hunter. She has considerable prowess as proven by the fact that she successfully retrieved an item as part of a test required in order to be hired as Nostrade's bodyguard.[1] Contrary to her petite appearance, she is agile enough to fend off attacks from Tocino's Nen puppets.

Melody Hearing Abilities

Melody using her hearing abilities

Immense Hearing: Melody, after listening to the Sonata of Darkness, acquired extra-sensitive hearing and uses this ability in many useful ways.[2] She is able to track targets or hear conversations from hundreds of meters away. She can hear the other's heartbeats and tell their emotional states as a result; or fluctuations to tell whether they are lying or not.[4] Melody can even differentiate one's footsteps from another, enabling her to determine the number of people in a crowd whilst picking out the sound of her target's footsteps, for example, in a city. Her hearing also enables her to ascertain the skills of others from the sounds they make, such as knowing Killua is a former assassin from his steps.[20]

Skilled Musician: Melody is masterful at playing her flute. In the Nippon Animation anime adaption it's shown she can play the piano.


Melody is an Emitter, and projects her aura when her instruments produce sound.[27]

Melody's Nen Type: Emission
Type: Emission A Field in Spring (野の春 (ののはる) No no Haru)
Melody plays Melody emits her aura while playing her flute, healing others' fatigue and illness while also relaxing one's emotional state.[10][27]


  • Melody was inspired by the character Nausicaä from Hayao Miyazaki's manga Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Ashitaka from the film Princess Mononoke.
  • Melody's ability of listening to people's heartbeat is reminiscent to Shigeru Murota's tapping ability in Yu Yu Hakusho.
  • In the manga, one of Melody's casual outfits is the same as the uniform typically worn by Japanese kindergarten students.


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