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Tarako (1999)
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Melanie Risdon (1999)
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Chapter 67

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Episode 45 (1999)
Episode 39 (2011)


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Black (1999)
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Pink (1999)
Grey (2011)




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Kacho Hui Guo Rou


Music Hunter
Nostrade Family Bodyguard
Royal Bodyguard for Prince Kacho




A Field in Spring

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Melody (センリツ, Senritsu) is a Music Hunter and one of Neon Nostrade's bodyguards.[1] She is currently a bodyguard of Prince Kacho Hui Guo Rou.[2]


2011 | 1999 | Manga

Melody 2011 Design

Melody's 2011 anime design

Melody is short and stocky. She is balding and has straight hair that falls to her shoulders. Her front teeth are pronounced and protrude much like a rodent's. In public, Melody typically wears hats. Her clothes are simple and usually of earthy colors, though occasionally with pale pink accents. She always wears long sleeves and leggings, as the Sonata of Darkness has changed her appearance dramatically; her exposed flesh is warped and lurid enough to make Kurapika flinch. Her appearance before the Sonata changed her is unknown. Given that she asked whether Kurapika wanted to see a photo of her previous appearance and her longing to restore it, it is hinted that she was a beautiful woman before the Sonata deformed her.[3] As a bodyguard for Kacho Hui Guo Rou, she wears a black suit and a tie.[4]


Melody is a kind person. She is typically of a calm disposition. Due to her extraordinary hearing as well as natural astuteness, she is very perceptive and caring when it comes to the feelings of others. Her mission is to find and destroy the Sonata, so that no one else will have to suffer the fate that she has. She has a special affection for Kurapika and watches out for him.[3]


Melody is a Music Hunter. Her life changed as the result of one night of drinking with a friend. Having listened to a single movement of the violin solo part of the Sonata of Darkness she was deformed. Her friend, who had played the piece, had his entire body severely mutated and died as a result. Subsequently, Melody gained supernatural hearing; she can hear things as quiet as heartbeats. Her goal is to find the sheet music for the Sonata and get rid of it, so that none suffer the same fate.[3]


Yorknew City arc


Melody watches the TV with the "Boss" on it

Melody, along with five other applicants, apply for the bodyguard position in the Nostrade Family. The head bodyguard Dalzollene discusses the nature of the position, such as retrieving items for their boss. After the introduction with him, hooded assailants ambush the room and attack Melody and the other applicants.[5]

After the applicants find out that Shachmono Tocino is behind the attacks, Melody and the others look for the second acquaintance. She confirms that Squala is the one by simply listening to his heartbeat. The applicants take turns on interrogating Squala by revealing their Nen abilities.[6]

Melody, along with Basho, Baise, and Kurapika, return to the mansion and deliver the specified items to Dalzollene. Impressed by their work, Dalzollene starts to discuss the progress from the Nostrade's Mansion to Hotel Beitacle in Yorknew City. Melody and the others follow the head bodyguard as he introduces to them their boss, Neon Nostrade.[1]

Ep42 - Kurapika and Melody

Melody and Kurapika oversee the Underground Auction site

During the first night of the Southernpiece Auction, Dalzollene partners Melody and Kurapika together to keep watch on the building's main entrance.[7] During the watch, Melody asks for Kurapika's goal, while she shares hers: she explains that she wants to destroy the Sonata of Darkness, which caused her drastic change in appearance and killed her friend. Furthermore, she admits she wants to return to her original form and destroy all versions of the Sonata.[3]

Sometime after the auction began, reports say that the auction items have been stolen. Dalzollene orders all remaining bodyguards to pursue the thieves[8] until they arrived in Gordeau Desert. Melody and the others witness the Phantom Troupe member Uvogin massacre the Mafia community members. Melody hears a faint heartbeat from underground, as the Shadow Beasts members Worm, Porcupine, Leech, and Rabid Dog arrive to confront Uvogin,[9] but are easily defeated.[10]

Melody and Kurapika - ep 44 2011

Melody hears the wraith in Kurapika's heart

Melody uses her Hatsu to calm the enraged Kurapika. While she calms everyone, Kurapika insists on capturing Uvogin and manages to do so. They escape by cars, although Melody notices the needle attached to Uvogin.[11] Due to the sudden interference of the remaining Shadow Beasts, the Nostrade bodyguards escape back to Yorknew safely. However, the Phantom Troupe has found out their place and proceeds to rescue Uvogin. Melody and the other bodyguards escape, although Dalzollene dies without their knowing.[12]

After Uvogin escapes, Melody contacts Kurapika and tries to contact Dalzollene, but to no avail. She suggests to contact Neon's father Light Nostrade about the situation at hand. She nominates Kurapika to be the new leader of the bodyguards, which Kurapika accepts.[13] Later that night, Melody informs Kurapika that Light will arrive that night.[14] Upon Light's arrival, he orders Melody and Basho to escort Neon until she is safe back home.[15] Melody and Basho then accompany Neon and her attendants on a shopping spree at Ringon Airport, and subsequently lose sight of Neon.[16] She updates Kurapika of the situation immediately.[17]

After the ensuing battle in Cemetery Building, Light assigns Basho and Melody to take Neon on a shopping trip the following day, much to their chagrin, especially Basho's.[18] She informs Kurapika the next day that the hunt for the Troupe is cancelled, after the Mafia found out they are from Meteor City.[19] When Kurapika decides to hunt down the rest of the Troupe, he contacts Melody, who later joins Killua Zoldyck on trailing the Spiders.[20]

Melody and Killua - episode 56 2011

Killua and Melody talk with each other

Melody tracks down the Phantom Troupe's movement across the city and notes that Killua's steps are the most silent she has heard, which makes him reliable for Kurapika.[21] They briefly lose track of the Troupe after exiting the station, and update Kurapika of the movement. After Gon and Killua are taken hostage instead of Kurapika, Melody regroups with him and scolds him for his reckless behavior. She tries to get in contact with Squala, who has the Scarlet Eyes, but does not receive any reply from him.[22]

Kurapika successfully captures Chrollo Lucilfer and escape by car with Melody and Leorio. She tries to calm Kurapika from harming Chrollo,[23] but nearly mentally breakdowns upon hearing Chrollo's dark heartbeat.[24] At Ringon Airport, Melody confirms that Pakunoda is the real one and assures Kurapika that she can identify if Killua is being manipulated.[25]

During the negotiation with Pakunoda, Melody contemplates about Kurapika's uncertainty.[25] She confirms that the Gon and Killua are not being manipulated during the hostage exchange. Along with Kurapika, Leorio, Gon, and Killua, Melody returns back to Yorknew City.[26]

Greed Island arc

The next day at an undisclosed place in Yorknew City, Zepile inquires Melody about Kurapika's condition. Melody details her flute had no effect on him and deduces he's far too fatigued from to be healed with her ability. Zepile offers to bring Kurapika to a hospital and if he's unable to he'll contact a friend of his that's a doctor to help him, which pleases Melody.[27] On September 6th around 2 P.M. Kurapika wakes up and is brought up to date about all that occurred while he was in a coma by Melody.[28] Before Melody and Kurapika depart Yorknew City from the Ringon Airport, Leorio and Melody talk briefly and Melody cites that Leorio's heart sounded the nicest within the city.[29] Melody briefly appears again telling Kurapika the boss wishes to speak with him.[30]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Hunters visit to Gon

Melody visiting Gon at the hospital

Melody votes in the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman[31] and was also one of Gon's visitors in the hospital he was confined in.[32] As Leorio screams into his cellphone, demanding that he talks to Killua, Melody is distraught by Leorio's voice.[33] When Killua arrives at Gon's location, with Alluka at the room where Gon is being treated in, Melody could stood guard near Goreinu.[34] She along with everyone else feel Alluka's tremendous power as it's used to heal Gon.[35] She then accompanies Gon and the others assists, as Gon goes to meet Leorio in the auditorium where all the Hunters were voting for the new chairman of the Hunter Association.[36]

Succession Contest arc

Melody DC Arc

Melody is recruited by Kurapika to be hired by one of the Kakin Empire Princes as a bodyguard. She is employed by Prince Kacho.[2] When the Black Whale 1 departs, she overhears Kacho's plan to form an alliance with Prince Fugetsu to take down the other princes and learns that her entire self is a lie.[4] She's later contacted by Kurapika, who asks her if she's spotted any Guardian Spirit Beasts, but she claims she hasn't.[37] As Prince Kacho throws a tantrum over the food she's being served, Melody listens to what all of the other bodyguards and maids have to say about Prince Kacho and how Prince Kacho lies to herself is simply wrong.[38]

On the second day aboard, she watches over Queen Seiko as an investigator from the ship's Supreme Court questions her about Barrigen's incident.[39] That night, she hears Prince Kacho's pulse accelerate and rushes to her side, but sees her unharmed and calm through the canopy. Kacho puts on a cold front again, leading Melody to encourage her to rely on her bodyguards more. The prince replies to them it is in fact just a job, so she can just keep working and pretending to be concerned until she gets paid. From her heartbeat, Melody understands she feels obligated to act the way she does. The Hunter claims she does not have anyone she wants to protect as much as her employer, but that she is ready to stake her life on her mission. Kacho retorts that she cannot understand her, as she is not forced to kill her siblings and to put her own life at risk against her will. Melody states that her willingness to die is something she decided for herself, and prepares to tell Kacho about Nen.[40]

Abilities & Powers

Melody has all the benefits granted by her status as a Hunter. She has considerable prowess as proven by the fact that she successfully retrieved an item as part of a test required in order to be hired as Nostrade's bodyguard.[1] Contrary to her petite appearance, she is agile enough to fend off attacks from Tocino's Nen puppets.

Melody Hearing Abilities

Melody using her hearing abilities

Immense Hearing: Melody, after listening to the Sonata of Darkness, acquired extra-sensitive hearing and uses this ability in many useful ways.[3] She is able to track targets or hear conversations from hundreds of meters away. She can hear the other's heartbeats and tell their emotional states as a result; or fluctuations to tell whether they are lying or not.[6] Melody can even differentiate one's footsteps from another, enabling her to determine the number of people in a crowd whilst picking out the sound of her target's footsteps, for example, in a city. Her hearing also enables her to ascertain the skills of others from the sounds they make, such as knowing Killua is a former assassin from his silent steps.[21]

Skilled Musician: Melody is masterful at playing her flute and projects her aura when her flute produces sound. In the Nippon Animation anime adaption it's shown she can play the piano.


Melody is an Emitter, and projects her aura when she plays her flute.[28]

Melody's Nen Type: Emission
Type: Emission A Field in Spring (()(はる) No no Haru)
Melody plays Melody emits her aura while playing her flute, healing others' fatigue and illness while also relaxing one's emotional state.[11][28]



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