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"I admit I get very emotional about food. And so...I've failed as an examiner."

— Menchi, to Chairman Isaac Netero[1]
2011 | 1999 | Manga

Menchi (HxH)





Japanese Voice

Akari Hibino (1999)
Aya Hirano (2011)

English Voice

Carol Anne Day (1999)
Amanda Miller (2011)

Manga Debut

Chapter 10

Anime Debut

Episode 9 (1999)
Episode 6 (2011)


Female Female



Eye Color

Blue (1999)
Green (2011)

Hair Color

Pink (1999)
Turquoise (2011)


Gourmet Hunter (Single Star)

Previous Occupation

287th Hunter Exam 2nd Phase Examiner



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Menchi (メンチ, Menchi) is a Single Star Gourmet Hunter and one of the two examiners in second phase of the 287th Hunter Examination.[2] She is said to be the finest Gourmet Hunter in the world and her contributions to culinary culture have been invaluable.[3]


2011 | 1999

Menchi 2011 Design

Menchi 2011 Design

Coupled with Menchi's sensitive and highly selective sense of taste and culinary skills is a physically fit body that enables her to carry out the search of unique foods and culinary experiences, many times in dangerous places. She ties the back of her hair into 5 top knots and wears a bikini top with a mesh shirt worn over it, alongside daisy duke denim shorts. In the 1999 anime, she has a pair of chef's knives that are sheathed behind her waist.


When Menchi is introduced, her most obvious quality is her pickiness. However, this attribute fits her profession very well, as she is one of the world's best Gourmet Hunters. She also has a quick temper that goes along with her great enthusiasm for cooking. She is considered a culinary genius, earning a single-star hunter license at a very young age. She does seem to have a certain respect for authority, but cannot tolerate someone who insults food or Gourmet Hunters.[3][1]


Hunter Exam arc

Menchi and Buhara both act as the examiners for the 2nd phase of the exam. Menchi explains to the examinees to pass their phase of the exam, they'll have to cook a meal that will satisfy the both of them. Menchi's partner goes first and requests roast pork from any kind of pig in the Visca Forest Reserve. When all of the examinees head into the forest, Menchi calls Buhara out for his mean trick, since the only pig available in the forest is the dangerous Great Stamp. Although 70 examinees manage to bring back a Great Stamp to roast and present to Buhara, much to both his and Menchi's surprise.[2] At the end of the 1st phase Menchi scolds Buhara how his challenge was too easy, but Buhara refutes that he at least brought the number of examinees to 70. So for Menchi's trial the examinees have to prepare a piece of sushi a dish from a small country. She also gives a couple of hints on how it's prepared and the phase will end when she's full.[3]

None of the examinees knew how to make Sushi, aside from Hanzo, but Kurapika manages to figure out the main ingredient is fish, while Leorio reveals it to the rest of the group. Buhara now scolds Menchi for requesting a hard dish to prepare, due to the kind of fish used is found in the sea. Menchi refutes that she wants to try a unique sushi dish made by the examinees, and claims to be more of a culinary artist than a examiner. This concerns Buhara, fearing that her bad habit will effect her judgement of the Sushi dishes. Leorio and Gon go first and instantly fail, while other examinees try as well, but ultimately fail as well. Menchi complains the examinees want to starve her to death and goes on a tirade how none of the examinees have no observational skills even though she gave out generous hints on how to prepare the dish. Hearing this Kurapika comes up with a logical conclusion on how sushi is made. So when he presents it to Menchi, she fails him on the spot and mocks him how his dish was as bad as Leorio's leaving Kurapika shattered and in disbelief.[3]

Menchi fighting with hanzo

Menchi argues with Hanzo

As Menchi continues her tirade, Hanzo presents his proper sushi to her. Although the Sushi receives praise for it's appearance she fails him for it's taste. Frustrated by his failure Hanzo argues with Menchi while revealing how Sushi is made; how a dish so simple, would taste the same no matter who makes it. This makes Menchi explode and goes on a tirade of the intricate process of learning and making sushi is extremely hard. Hanzo concedes defeat after trying to reason with Menchi; she becomes hungry after all of her tirade. The other examinees take the chance to present their own sushi to her, but all fail, due to her picky taste. And because of her pickiness, Menchi fails all of the examinees.[3] With the 2nd phase of the exam over, Menchi contacts Beans informing him that none of the examinees have passed. In a fit of rage the examinee Todo destroys his kitchen set with his fist and refuses to accept his failure as he's not interested in becoming a Gourmet Hunter, but a Blacklist Hunter. Pitying Todo, Menchi mocks him to try harder next year. Provoked, Todo charges at Menchi, but is immobilized after taking a palm thrust by Buhara. Menchi comments on Buhara's interference but Buhara claims that she would have killed him if he didn't.[1]

Menchi's knives

Menchi with four of her knives

Menchi then explains to the examinees, while displaying her skills with her knives; the harsh trials and endeavors Gourmet Hunters have to endure. An airship with the Hunters Association logo on it appears as Netero jumps from it and lands on the site of the exam, making Menchi tremble by his appearance. Netero questions Menchi's actions, who admits she has failed as an examiner and withdraws her position as the examiner so her results can be disregarded. However Netero offers Menchi to redeem herself and suggests she comes up with an easier item the examinees can prepare. So Menchi chooses a boiled egg and requests that Netero bring everyone to the mountain in the far distance to which Netero joyfully agrees to do. At the mountain site, Menchi demonstrates how to retrieve a Spider Eagle egg from the web hanging between the crevices of a deep canyon with a strong water current below. After Menchi's demonstration she asks the examinees if they quit, but most of the examinees (aside from Todo) jump into the crevice and retrieve an Spider Eagle egg. Later the examinees boil their eggs and Menchi shows the difference between a normal boiled egg and a boiled Spider Eagle egg.[1]

Todo with menchi and Gon

Todo concedes defeat

When the examinees all taste their boiled eggs, they're all overcome with joy by the delicious taste of it. Menchi tells the examines she hopes they understand the joy of discovering something delicious, something she takes pride in doing. Todo tries some of Gon's boiled egg and concedes defeat, but claims he'll be back next year, much to Menchi's approval. Thus 42 examinees passed Menchi's rectified 2nd Phase Exam.[1] On the night after the 2nd phase of the exam, Menchi enjoys dinner with Buhara and Satotz, while discussing the examinees in this year's exam. Out of the examinees they favor, Menchi favors Hanzo, while Satotz favors Killua. Menchi claims Killua is an obnoxious B blood type. When asked what examinee Buhara favored, it was Hisoka. He further states he felt an ominous come from Hisoka when Todo lost it. Menchi claims she felt it, but he was like that the moment they both revealed themselves. Buhara disbelieves Menchi's claim, but she assures him it's true and consistently felt provoked by him.[4]

At the end of the 4th Phase of the Exam, Netero with the other Examiners enjoy a meal together and Menchi asks Beans how old is Netero, who says he's over 100 years old. And with the final phase being undecided Menchi claims it'll be a tough one that the rookies would fail at. But Netero has a different method to challenge the examinees and will interview them all, which confuses Menchi and Buhara. Menchi then asks Beans what the chairman is up to, but not even Beans knows. After Netero finishes the interviews, he shows the Examiners a chart of what the final phase will be, which baffles them all.[5] For the Final Phase of the exam, all of the previous examiners act as observers and during the first round with Hanzo vs Gon, Menchi comments it's clear neither Gon or Hanzo will easily admit defeat, but shows concern for Gon.[6] Menchi attends the debate held after the Exam on whether Killua was manipulated by his brother Illumi Zoldyck.[7] And after Gon finishes talking with Satotz, Menchi comments that he was close to revealing an important secret detail.[8]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Menchi taking part in the election

Menchi takes part in the first election

Menchi returns to the Hunters Association headquarters to participate in the selection of the next chairman. In the First Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman she places in 26th place along with Satotz and 7 others.[9] Menchi places in 20th with Geru and 13 others in the Second Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman[10] and 20th place again with 6 others in the Third Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman.[11] Menchi and Buhara are shown attending the final two elections held in the Hunters Association auditorium.[12]

Abilities & Powers

Menchi has all the benefits granted by her status as a Hunter. She is an exceptional Gourmet Hunter, having earned a star at the age of 21, and very likely an excellent cook and food critic. It is said that she has never forgotten the taste of a food she has eaten. Physically, she has at least good upper body strength and is very agile, having demonstrated how to obtain a Spider Eagle's egg. Her combat abilities have not been shown, but in the 1999 anime she managed to kick an applicant multiple times without losing her composure and while speaking normally. Menchi is also an expert in handling knives, being able to wield and juggle a large amount of them while making them spin at high speeds. Additionally, she is highly perceptive, sensing Hisoka's blood lust since the beginning of Buhara's trial while the latter failed to do so. As a Hunter, she knows how to use Nen.


  • "We are both fine gourmet cooks! Thus your mission will be to satisfy our appetites by cooking us a meal!"[2]


  • She shares the same voice actress as Feitan in the 1999 anime adaptation.
  • Menchi's name originates from the Japanese word for "minced," which is the word used to describe "minced meat" in Japan.


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