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Manga Debut

Chapter 206

Anime Debut

Episode 88 (2011)

Japanese Voice

Fumihiko Tachiki



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Dark Brown

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Chimera Ant Royal Guard


Chimera Ant Queen (Mother)
Neferpitou (Older sibling)
Shaiapouf (Older brother)
Meruem (Younger brother)
Kite (Younger sister)




Rage Blast
Rage Incarnate

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Menthuthuyoupi (モントゥトゥユピー, Montutuyupiī), nicknamed Youpi, was one of the Chimera Ant King's three Royal Guards.


Menthuthuyoupi is the least humanoid of the King's Royal Guards, yet despite this fact his physical appearance is loosely human. He has a bulk musculature and a manly frame, but with irregularly shaped ears, animal like legs and razor sharp teeth. He has prominent facial bones and constantly squints his eyes. Youpi has dark red skin and short black hair slicked back on his head. Youpi is the largest of the Royal Guards and scarcely clothed, only wearing a pair of skintight black pants.


Menthuthuyoupi is the most straightforward of all the Royal Guards and possesses a strength that comes from his lack of an ego. He is a Chimera Ant without an iota of human genetic material within him, caring less about his identity as an individual. Youpi is quick to cease unnecessary thought, focus on prioritized goals, and act upon his instincts—allowing the ant to be completely selfless and devoted to the King as such. However, his simplicity is both a boon and burden. Menthuthuyoupi's belligerent, vehement, capricious, and irascible nature make him a fine, yet a variable soldier.

However, Youpi began to mature and change during his battle with the Hunters, Shoot, Morel, and Knuckle; and he began to act selfishly which was contradictory to his nature. He began to rapidly 'mature' during the battle, becoming a cunning strategist who uses his rage at the most ideal moments. At the end of the battle, Youpi had matured to the point where he reached his 'Rage Incarnate' form and was even thankful to the Hunters in helping him achieve this form. Because of this, he gained a level of mercy towards others and spared the life of enemies which he would have killed in the first place without a second thought. Thus, Knuckle lost drive to fight him since he could no longer see Youpi as a villain.


Little is known about Menthuthuyoupi's past, but in fact he is the only non-human hybrid among Chimera Ants as he inherited genetic material from both his Chimera Ant mother and a Magical Beast. Similarly to the other Royal Guards, he has no memories of his previous life.


Chimera Ant arc

91 - Youpi crashes while flying

Menthuthuyoupi tries his new ability to fly.

Menthuthuyoupi is the last of the Royal Guards to be born shortly prior to the King's breach[1] and, as all, he is also personally named by the Queen. Most of the time, he stays quiet and still along with the Royal Guards for the King's orders, excluding when he was ordered to stay with him much to the King's annoyance and send him fly with one strike of his tail.

113 - Youpi versus Shoot

Menthuthuyoupi vs Shoot.

As the Chimera Ant Extermination Team charges into the palace of East Gorteau, he was instructed by Shaiapouf to stay at the main stairs and kill any intruder that comes into contact with him. He is engaged in battle against Knuckle and Shoot, Shoot taking the lead against him. Knuckle, hidden within Meleoron's ability, wait for the right moment to strike him and activate his ability. Shoot, about to be killed by Menthuthuyoupi, is saved by Knuckle who successfully land a blow on him and activates his Nen ability.

Knuckle tries to take Menthuthuyoupi alone as Meleoron left and Shoot is almost dead, but proves to be more than what he could take. Menthuthuyoupi, enraged and confused where the other guards and the King are, accidentally activates his Rage Blast and explodes, giving time to Knuckle to search for Shoot. Menthuthuyoupi finds Knuckle once more and deceives him into believing he was about to explode again. Knuckle tries to use that moment to punch him, but Menthuthuyoupi reverts to his original form. Just when he is about to land the final blow, he is struck by Killua's lightning.

Shocked at the fact that he can't sense Killua's presence, Youpi goes on a rampage against him, but is unable to land a blow and receives several more electric shocks until Killua runs out of electricity. As he was starting to chase him, Killua disappeared again, making Menthuthuyoupi realize that there is one more enemy with the ability to hide his presence or teleport, and that's why he couldn't feel anyone the first time he was struck.


Youpi, paralyzed by Killua's thunderbolt, receives punches from Knuckle

Searching again for answers, Menthuthuyoupi finds Morel defenseless and as he is about to take on him, Knuckle once again arrives and starts fighting him. Menthuthuyoupi takes the advantage once again very easily but Morel uses his last ability (due to Pouf stealing his smoke pipe) to create several Knuckle smoke clones. Deceived by the clones, Menthuthuyoupi is struck several times by Knuckle. Enraged by their tactics, Menthuthuyoupi is able to activate his Rage Blast once more, and gains a deeper and better understanding of his own Nen abilities.

121 - Youpi and Morel

Youpi about to kill Morel

In a new centaur like form, Menthuthuyoupi takes the upper hand and quickly eliminates every single clone, leaving Morel and Knuckle in the open. However, Menthuthuyoupi simultaneously comes to understand his own identity; his and their power, thus praising them for being amazing warriors although that's the same reason why he has to eliminate them. As Morel is about to receive the final strike, he suddenly disappears, only leaving a trace of blood on Menthuthuyoupi's lance like arm. Menthuthuyoupi quickly understands that it isn't a teleportation ability all this time, but a third person that could make himself and others invisible. As he could see the blood path left by Morel, he starts following them, but Knuckle appears once more, asking to leave him alone and fight him only, as he wouldn't run anymore. Menthuthuyoupi says that it wouldn't be a fair deal, but he would stop if he releases his Pot-Clean ability that's on him; which ultimately, Knuckle does. Much to Morel, Meleoron and Knuckle's surprise, Menthuthuyoupi decides to "forgive" them this time and leave in search of the King.

133 - Menthuthuyoupi death

Menthuthuyoupi's death

Menthuthuyoupi, along with Shaiapouf, witnesses the King's battle against Netero and the moments went the Miniature Rose explodes. He gives the King part of his life so he can survive that attack.[2] After The King is revived they learn he has lost his memory. Menthuthuyoupi, Shaiapouf and Meruem decide to return to the palace in hopes of regaining his lost memories. On the way to the palace Meruem tells Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf that they've bonded together and can no longer hide secrets from each other. Menthuthuyoupi informs Meruem that he allowed multiple enemies to live due to his honor. Being spared for his honesty and loyalty, Menthuthuyoupi is left overjoyed at The King's praise. At the palace Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf decide to keep Komugi a secret from The King. They try to keep Meruem occupied, by starting a "competition" with him. When out looking for Neferpitou, he encounters Welfin and when he starts suspecting Welfin's intentions and behavior, he threatens to kill him. However, Menthuthuyoupi dies in a weakened state, having been lethally poisoned after rescuing the King from the smoldering hypo-center left in the wake of Netero's sacrifice.

Abilities & Powers

Menthuthuyoupi is incredibly powerful, being a Chimera Ant Royal Guard proves that he is not one to be reckon with. He was able to fight Knuckle, Shoot, Morel, and Meleoron, and had the chance to kill all four of them as their combined efforts failed and he only suffered very minor damage from their powerful attacks. He also has an extraordinary amount of aura and implemented this into his shape-shifting attacks with his immense strength and durability makes him one of the strongest characters in the series. His rage greatly improves his power, destroying most of the palace and all-the-more destructive abilities. Knuckle had been increasing his anger during their battle, but it only made him even stronger and even gave Menthuthuyoupi the idea of a new powerful ability.

Immense Strength: Menthuthuyoupi is physically the strongest Royal Guard. He is able to take on several professional hunters at the same time with ease, and also, is able to sustain their attacks with little to no damage at all. Just a bare touch of his punches/tentacles reduced the interest on Knuckle's Pot-Clean to half it had accumulated so far. His powerful physical strength obliterated most of the palace in the process. One shape-shifted punch was able to completely destroy the stairs in the palace and infused with his anger-filled aura demolished an tire tower in the process. Knuckle even estimated that one powerful punch would kill him and it would be a lot more than the interest on Hakoware.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Though not one of his most developed physical attributes, Menthuthuyoupi has great attack speed, relentlessly assaulting Shoot with his extremely fast tentacle strikes and not giving Knuckle an opening to attack. This is shown further when he dispatched Morel's Smoke Troopers easily and without effort. In his second form, his overall speed seems to receive a boost, compensating for his previous low mobility which made him an easy target for quicker opponents.

Immense Stamina: Youpi fought against multiple Hunters of the Extermination Team while using an enormous amount of aura without ever breaking a sweat.

Immense Durability: Menthuthuyoupi is extremely durable; he took many different powerful electric shocks from Killua and there was still no visible damage. His aura greatly improves his defenses and makes it nearly impossible to inflict severe damage to Menthuthuyoupi. A strike from Meruem, considered to be the most powerful character seen thus far in the series, only gave him a slight scratch. 

Adequate Intelligence: While not his specialty, Menthuthuyoupi is quite a capable thinker as he figured out how his Rage Blast works and how to control it, by combining simultaneous destruction and creation in the midst of combat. He was able to deceive Knuckle into attacking him so he could land a deathly blow against him. He was able to discover that Morel didn't teleport but that he turned invisible by another comrade after he slightly struck him with his transformed blade. He knew how to make Knuckle give up his A.P.R. and had the perfect chance to kill them, but didn't because he didn't feel like killing them in the least.


Menthuthuyoupi is an Enhancer. Knuckle estimates the size of Menthuthuyoupi's aura to be at least 10 times greater than Morel's, or at least 700,000. He was able to constantly use an immeasurable aura countless times during the assault on the palace. Due to Menthuthuyoupi's aura, Knuckle's A.P.R. was nearly useless against him, rendering several escapes and strategies necessary. Like Shaiapouf and Neferpitou, he was born with the innate ability to use Nen.

Menthuthuyoupi's Nen Type: Enhancment
Type: Transmutation Metamorphosis
Metamorphosis 2011 Menthuthuyoupi's primary ability allows him to shapeshift into anything he desires, using his monstrous amount of aura. Through this, Youpi can give himself wings, extra eyes and limbs, Transmute his body parts into blade-like tendrils and even recompose his entire body structure.
Type: Enhancement and Emission Rage Blast
Rage Blast animated Under extreme mental stress during the Extermination Team's raid, Menthuthuyoupi discovers this ability. Youpi's body and En are engorged with his furious rage until unleashed with an incredibly destructive explosion. The ability results in great pleasure for Youpi, followed by an empty despair. He comes to the realization that, through controlling his emotions, he can control the timing and release of the explosion.
Type: Enhancement and Transmutation Rage Incarnate
Youpi Rage Incarnate Youpi can also transform his entire body into a grotesque, centaur-like creature by unleashing his fury calmly and manifesting that energy throughout his body. This form bears a helm-like extension on his head, a powerful scythe on his right arm, and a large amoebic sac in place of his left arm that contains his rage.


Story Arcs Spirit Skill Strength Nen Talent Intelligence
Chimera Ant arc: Palace Invasion 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 3/5 4/5


  • Menthuthuyoupi's name, like all of the Royal Guards, comes from the Egyptian god Montu and a character named Youpi from a French children's book series called Caroline et ses Amis.
  • He bears a striking resemblance to Gotoh, the villain of the manga Parasyte. His abilities are also strikingly similar in method and capability.


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